Your Clothing Actually Speaks And it’s Scary!

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Did you know that the clothes that we wear can actually speak? Yes, they do! Your clothes and your fashion speak for you. In fact, they can communicate far faster than our own mouths!

Scary isn’t? But don’t worry, I am not actually talking about our clothes giving out words with voices. Or having them suddenly singing like it’s in a Disney movie. No, I am talking about the impressions our clothing can give towards other people, and how it influences the way others see us.

Is there science behind it?

Did you know that a psychological study has been conducted by experts that prove that the way that someone dresses has a big impact on the first impressions that they will give? In one instance, they have proven that the same person has been perceived differently based only on the quality of suit that he wore. When he was wearing a normal, ordinary suit, he was like, “okaaay.” However, when he wore a bespoke, custom-made suit, he gave out the air of being responsible, authority, and that of a leader.



I personally have experienced this myself. When I traveled to Morocco, I experienced being peddled with all the good by the street vendors in the country’s medina (or their popular marketplace). See, I don’t have much money on me. I am not a world-renowned celebrity. I experienced that because I was wearing an outfit that they thought is for people who are rich and those with money to buy their stuff. But the same attention does not happen to a backpacker who only wore cargo shorts and a plain white tee.

So see, putting some thought into what you wear is really important. It does not mean that you have to buy expensive designer stuff, though. Do you want a piece of advice? Here are some FAB and FABOLOUS fashion finds I can recommend to you, both for women as well as for the guys!

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