Women Empowerment with Aurate x Kerry Washington’s Lioness Jewelry Collection

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For decades, jewelry brands have been trying to decide who should make the order and who should be on the receiving end of the fine forever. In recent years, however, women have dismissed these conventions—instead of adorning themselves in exquisite gems and metals. As Kerry Washington, Emmy’s award-winning actor and women’s rights spokesperson, put it: “It’s no longer a man saying ‘Buy this beautiful necklace for your wife’,” she say. This is due to brands like Aurate, which started changing the tide five years ago by making fine jewelry items for women. Aurate x Kerry Washington’s set of lioness is the embodiment of this tidal change, all based around one symbol: the Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet.

Of course, it all started out somewhere. “I first met Sophie [Kahn] and Bouchra [Ezzahraoui] a few years ago, and I became obsessed with them,” Washington said. “They were so smart and so beautiful, and I also became obsessed with the jewelry.” The three of them remained in touch over time and finally settled on the right conduit for their collaboration: the lioness. “Sekhmet is a warrior goddess and the Egyptian goddess of healing [whose] name translates to ‘she who is powerful’,” Washington says. Recognized for possessing a woman’s body and a lion’s face, Sekhmet is a common emblem of ferocity, healing, and feminine power—all of which the trio has tried to immortalize through the Lioness collection.

Photo Credits: AURATE

Photo Credits: AURATE

The collection has three main silhouettes—a chain cuff, a chain necklace, and a gold earrings of which can be adorned with a Lioness pendant. Added a bonus for interchangeable pieces? You can purchase them in whole sets or separately, helping you to tailor and alter your look from one day to the next.

Take the Lion’s Pendant Earrings ($480) for example, which thread the medallions ($150) into each of its delicate hoops ($180). If you wish, you can remove the medallions and add them to the chain necklace or bracelet of the series, providing an ever-evolving look that you can steadily expand on over time. Need ideas for styling? Washington prefers to wear them individually, or to pair them with other items from her jewelry box.

Photo Credits: AURATE

Photo Credits: AURATE

Apart from its environmental orientation and high quality standards, Lioness’s bits are often cost-effective. “We have our pendant which is $150, and it’s a price point I’m really proud of in the fine jewelry space,” Washington says. Included in the price tag is a 20% contribution to Supermajority, an organisation that is similar to Washington’s heart (and previously spotted through its hot pink suit moment). Dedicated to helping women collectively find their strength and organize transformation, Supermajority seeks to ensure a more equal world for women—which both Washington and Aurate’s creators deeply believe in.

A couple points to bear in mind when shopping: Washington says that self-giving is a fair game, much like giving to other women in your ‘pride’—or circle—of lionesses.
“I love the idea of giving it to your mother, or your sister, or mentor or mentee.”

Shop the 100% recycled gold items below.

Lioness Gold Hoop Earrings $180 | Aurate

Lioness Chain Bracelet $280 | Aurate

Lioness Pendant $150 | Aurate

Lioness Chain Necklace $380 | Aurate

Lioness Pendant Hoop Earrings $480 | Aurate


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