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Let’s talk of going to boot shopping. When you invest in a high-end pair (especially those that can boost your credit card bill), you’ll want to remain aware of the trend-forward pulse that will make a few high-impact appearances and eventually end up in the back of your wardrobe. The ones that are worth investing on include three main factors: comfort, versatility, and timelessness—all of which Chrissy Teigen’s tall boots have just earned their stripes. The splurge-worthy silhouette is well worth applying to your winter shoe research—and it happens to be on sale now.

Photo Credits: chrissyteigen

On Dec. 3, Teigen traveled from the newly established Cravings Headquarters, where the model’s culinary franchise is expected to take off. For a day leading her team to the workplace (‘It’s the holidays here at Cravings HQ and Chrissy really has no idea how to be a boss,’ she wrote in a subsequent post), she stood in a comfortable chair with the luxurious, strong boots in question—and John Legend, who obviously took her shoe sensibility, sat beside her. With a black blazer and a bodycon minidress, Teigen stylized her knee-high boots to perfection—passing on her tights to add a slender spin to the boss-girl ensemble. The shoes in question come from none other than Chloé—and they happen to be on sale at Farfetch right now.

Although Teigen and Legend are considered to be each other’s reflections, they brought it to the next level with their black-on-black, office-ready outfits—both of which called for distinct approaches to the classic fighting boot. To replicate Teigen’s style, just name every black blazer in your arsenal—or, if you do have to buy one, Universal Standard makes a better edition. Then, style it over the standard LBD (any silhouette goes here but bandage dresses are highly encouraged) and tie it in the high boot.

To get the silhouette on offer right now as well as the near alternatives to her other fashion pieces, keep scrolling.

Rio Blazer – Black $225 | Universal Standard

Logo Elastic Mini Dress $555 | Alezander Wang

Franne Lace Up High Boots $1,122 | Chloe


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