Watching the Dior x Air Jordan 1 Get Doused With Ketchup Will Give You Sneaker Anxiety

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July 14, 2020
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July 15, 2020

On the off chance that you were one of the fortunate not many to score a couple of Dior x Air Jordan 1 hotly anticipated Jordan 1s this end of the week, you’re presumably champing at the bit to show them off to anybody you can. Odds are you as of now messaged each tennis shoe nearby colleague in your companion circle (and perhaps your hyperactive more youthful cousin) and might’ve transferred a mandatory fit pic—or a couple!— to the ‘gram. What’s more, presently you’re truly considering busting them out IRL so all the individuals sulking around outside in their general-discharge kicks (ha!) can lounge in the shine of your come-up.

Assuming, in any case, similar to any great sneakerhead worth his weight in gradually yellowing SBs, you’ve been checking the climate gauge with a recurrence that verges on the fan, you’re in for some awful news, fellow (at any rate here in NYC, where I’m composing this). Since it should rainstorm for the following week in a row and that sure as damnation doesn’t look good for future tennis shoe wearing chances, particularly when the shoes included expense upwards of $2,000 to make sure about. (FYI: There is not any more precise archive of climate related data than your agreeable neighborhood sneakerhead. Disregard meteorologists. On the off chance that you need to know whether it should rain, locate a young person in a peculiarly flawless pair of uncommon tennis shoes and ask him.)

The Art of Crep Protect Spray
Crep Protect

In case you’re peering toward that climate figure with developing anxiety, don’t surrender yet—there are steps that you can take (past keeping them securely fixed in their container) to enable your tennis shoes to remain extra firm. You’ve likely previously gone over some of Crep Protect’s more out of control advertising stunts (the brand adores dumping stuff like chocolate sauce on incredibly advertised tennis shoes), yet misleading content y schtick aside, the item stays probably the most ideal approaches to guarantee your tennis shoes remain ensured regardless of the conditions.

And keeping in mind that I despite everything wouldn’t suggest doing anything as obviously crazy as offloading a metric fuckton of ketchup all over them, showering your shoes with a type of defensive covering—from Crep Protect or fan most loved Jason Markk—is consistently a shrewd play, and that goes twofold if the tennis shoes you’re splashing are at present selling for simply over $20,000 on the optional market. Remain safe out there, people.

‘Repel’ Shoe Protectant Spray
Jason Markk

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