Ulta Beauty’s Sale Includes 5 Eyeshadow Palettes Under $20

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April 28, 2020
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Despite the extra time many had during quarantine, you’ve probably picked up a couple of hobbies to keep you occupied. And if shopping is one of the things on that list (you know, among baking sourdough loaves and perfecting your manicures), by now you’ve probably realized that discovering a good bargain is essentially as exciting as finding treasure (especially when there’s nothing else to be done). Luckily, you don’t have to do any serious searching today, since Ulta Beauty kindly updated her sales page to include tons of eyeshadow palettes under $20 so you’ve hit gold, in other words.

The list compiled on-site will sing the heart of every Makeup lover. The palettes featured are not mysterious and random brands like Physicians Formula, NYX Professional Beauty, and Makup Revolution are all on the list at prices that won’t damage your budget with fan-favorite eyeshadow palettes.  If you enjoy bright flashing colors and sparkly textures, or prefer softer nude tones, there’s a palette that’s going to match you. Then, take a look at the eyeshadow palettes with prices that make a reasonable buying scenario.


1. Extreme Shimmer Shadow Nude Palette

Physicians Formula

With a wet brush, you can add this shadow to longer lasting eyeshadow or liner with a more vibrant color. If you want a look more subtle, just swipe it over dry. It’s never a wrong decision to add glitter to your makeup bag, and it’s on super sale for $8.74, so you can’t get the guilt from customers.

2. Death by Chocolate Palette

Makeup Revolution

Lovers of chocolate will nab this $7.50 palette, which has a range of matte and shimmer neutrals. The eyeshadows are pretty but it looks good enough to eat, TBH, the box it comes in.

3. Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette

NYX Professional Makeup

You have three choices of eyeshadow finishes in this NYX palette which is now $12.60 matte, sparkly silver, and shimmer. The colors included are ideal for spring and summer looks, but if you prefer greens, blues, and purples, those shades have a second palette (with the same price).

4. Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette

NYX Professional Makeup

It’s kind of hard to say no to this NYX palette, which is now on sale for $12.60, with 100 + five-star ratings. It features 16 blendable shadows in shades that work for your daily look as well as a little bit of glamor when you need it.

5. Shifting Sand Off Tropic Shadow Palette

$20 NYX Professional Makeup

If you can’t go to the tropics, at least for $14 you can buy eyeshadow that reminds you of there. The warm colors of the neon and the mix of gloss and matte finishes make this a versatile palette for sharing margaritas with friends over Zoom.



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