Trump May Be The Worst Dressed President In The History Of The United States!

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November 28, 2019
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December 4, 2019

With the wealth and background where President Donald Trump came from, you’d think he’d master the art of a tailored suit. But regardless of what your political stand is on issues and other matters, I believe all of us can agree to one thing: President Trump’s sense of fashion is not the best. You can even say that Trump may be the worst dressed president in the history of the United States.

We all have heard, at some point, that “clothes make a man.” Indeed, they do. Someone good-looking but poorly dressed can always be beaten by someone who may not be that good looking but dresses in a very awesome way.


We Had Stylish Presidents!

To recall, we have had several presidents in the past that have shown how a man needs to dress us. Style and trends may have changed through time, but past leaders from George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt to Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy Barack to Ronald Raegan up to Barack Obama has shown us stylish looks and outfits outside of their usual office suit.

What About Trump?

What about Trump? Well, Trump, on the other hand, seems to not have received the memo in dressing up in style. During one of his trips to England, the president went to a white-tie event and wore a horrible-looking suit, making him one of the worst dressed people in the event, if not the worst.

His coat did not fit properly, even the trousers were too loose. Everything about his fashion at that event was a mess.

Trump was also seen once wearing a navy suit. That alone is okay, as navy suits do exist and are worn by a lot of people. But what made his outfit wrong was that he wore it with black trousers! Not only that, he wore boat the coat and the trousers at least one size too big for him.

Don’t be like Trump!

Regardless of what you think of the Commander-in-Chief of our country, let us all agree that we shouldn’t be like him when it comes to fashion. You wouldn’t want to be like Trump, the worst dressed president in the history of the United States. So, suit up and start with this awesome set of suit that I found for you!



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