How To Travel and Experience Morocco Like A Celebrity

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November 10, 2019
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Hey, everyone!

I recently visited the beautiful country of Morocco and I would love to share with you all the tips you should take note of if you want to travel and experience Morocco like a celebrity!


1. Get yourself a good tour guide

Of course, you will do your own preparations before the trip itself. You will do your research. However, having the best tour guide would really help you. Having a tour guide will save you time in navigating from one place to another, and make sure you don’t miss any of the must-visit destinations.


2. The medina is a must!

If you are looking for the best finds from your trip–be it local items, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more–then the medina is the place. You can even find decent-looking knock-offs of popular designer items there if that is something that you do not mind buying. Jemaa el-Fnaa is one specific place I would recommend, and you’ll also find all the good food you mist grab a taste of here.


3. Find a good (but AFFORDABLE) home to stay on

Rather than finding a hotel when you are already there, I highly recommend you use Airbnb instead. I myself found a good house for a really low price! Check it out here and book if for yourself on your trip!


4. Don’t forget these places!

The Jardin Majorelle​ is another must-visit place, being one of the largest and most beautiful gardens Travel and Experience Morocco. This is the perfect place if you want some peace and tranquility after the busy life at the medina. Another is the Palmeraie (literally, palm grove or palm garden). Perfect spot indeed, if you want to enjoy the country without the busy city life!


5. Don’t forget the photos

Take photos, keep the memories alive and of course, get that one for the Gram. I personally recommend getting a camel ride with all the stuff you found on the medina and pose for your best shot!

Remember, make all the most out of your trip, and make sure you go home experiencing Morocco like a celebrity!


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