Three relaxing and soothing treatments to turn your house into a spa

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There appear to be 100 hours a day of coronavirus isolation, but just two days in each week. Time is a large circle now covered in fleece sweatpants. We’re nervous, we’re trying to be productive and we’re stressed out trying to be productive when nervous. This is why we have to find ways to step back, to let relax our minds. And we’ve thrown together some ultra-luxury hair, foot and face treatments. They will take you beyond your normal moisturizer, but also with your family beyond the timelines and inboxes, and FaceTimes.

Whenever you need to decompress for a moment, do it for the best effect: before your first Zoom meeting, after you log off, on whatever the hell is a “lunch break.” You may be the one back at the office who doesn’t look depressed, with extra spring in your fresh-footed walk, and extra sparkle in your tall, bushy beard when all this is over.

Foot Peel

Finding the best time to do a pie peel is challenging. You’re still on your feet in a regular day, or at least on the way between work and home, and the gym and errands, and so on. Yet it’s because of this lifestyle of “going forward” that the feet are callused all over, with gritty patches of dead skin. Your heels could cut glass (or your partner’s hands, as you’ve been told). And the actual lockout seems to be the exact right moment. Foot peels are mixtures of enzymes and acids—exfoliating ones, including those used in exfoliants of chemical hands. These are not dangerous at all but eat away from dead skin cells when added to the skin while leaving the good, vibrant ones.

Let it soak in the skin for an hour. It takes several days for the skin to start peeling off after a rinse. (Wait until days 3 through 7.) It’s a very disgusting, interesting process but on the other hand, a week or so later, you’re going to have enough soft feet to launch your own cam site.
Oh, and don’t make this a monthly routine, rewarding as the results could be seeking all foot reboots for six months or more.

Hot Beard Oil Treatment


If you sport a healthy beard in quarantine, you’re not alone. But the trick is that as bushiness rises, you need to be vigilant even more. Try doing a hot beard oil treatment to keep the beard hydrated, itch-free and tamed. It is a relaxing, spa-like procedure which opens the pores and promotes natural hydration, treating both the hair and the skin below. In hot water, you can steam up a vial of this oil, rub it all over your hair, roots to tips and after a few minutes, rinse it out.

4-Mask Facial

This is a real-deal activity on spa. We have developed a series of four products to clean skin gunk, reduce pores, and return your skin to a safe, film-poster-worthy glow. Free Cucumber Slices.

1. An enzyme exfoliant

This is a variation of an exfoliating solution, wash-away. Leave it on freshly washed skin for 10-15 minutes (or as directed) and the dead skin on your face will be dissolved and your pores left dry. It is healthy but be mindful of what you feel when you wear the peeling mask. When it stings, wash it off until the time is up. Lukewarm water will be enough for the final flush anyway.

2. The pore cleanser

Until the pandemic that was what we recognized as a face mask. It will stick to your face and consume all of your skin’s gunk and grease, stretching and drying as it goes. Using as directed typically 10-15 minutes and rinse with water that is lukewarm.

3. The hydrating sheet

It is time to do a bit of vigorous moisturizing after the exfoliating and deep cleaning. Using a serum- or gel-packed sheet mask for this stage. If you have a mustache, the lower half of the mask will need to be snipped because it won’t stick to your whiskers although some masks designed for people, including Jaxon Lane’s, featured below, provide a top half and bottom half so you can skip the unneeded portion. (But don’t shred all that great moisturizer! Rub the leftover half on clean hands, or arms, or feet, or just save for later.) If you’ve got a beard or not, wear the sheet as instructed, usually 15-20 min. Instead, don’t rinse your face, but brush the liquid softly with your hands in to absorb it.

4. An overnight rescue mask

The last step is the one product you can leave on before you cleanse your morning. This is the mask of the moon, which is literally cream of the sun. It’s thick and sits on top of your head, plumping your face full of nutrients and moisture, and making sure you wake up with a shiny, clear skin. Think of it as a replenishment and rejuvenation magnifier that occurs to the skin when you’re sleeping it’s like having two nights’ rest in one.



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