This Documentary About ’90s Iconic Supermodels is Coming to Apple TV+

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Cindy. Naomi. Linda. Christy. In the 1990s, for everyone to know who you were talking about, you just wanted to mention these first names. It was the girls of the time who took the world by storm, and the biggest supermodels of fashion needed no introduction at that stage. Now, in a recent reality film, The Supermodels, they’re coming to your small screen. These four runway icons are about to give you an inside look into how they paved the way for the modeling industry , making fashion what you know it as today. These four runway icons are also known as the supers.

Barbara Kopple’s The Supermodels, which will premiere on Apple TV+, takes a deep dive into the eyes of its greatest players into the glamorous world of ’90s fashion. In the Academy Award-winning director’s new film, Crawford, Campbell, Evangelista, and Turlington reunite to share their stories from the beginning. The docuseries are going to track the journeys of the models to become the most recognizable names in fashion, according to Variety.

Each star shared the news on social media with enthusiasm, hoping that in addition to highlighting their careers, The Supermodels would inspire young women with a new outlook on entering the fashion industry. “To finally have the opportunity to tell our story in collaboration with the team at Imagine, and under the direction of Barbara Kopple, is as exciting for us as we hope it will be for viewers,” Evangelista said in an Instagram post. “I would love for people to see this as a celebration not only of our individual stories, but also the power of friendship, dreams, and perseverance.”


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Precise details are yet to be revealed on what is included in The Supermodels, but you can trust that everything from personal backstage moments and unforgettable appearances to red carpets and Hollywood parties will be covered. Of course, you will get a good dose of nostalgic fashion trends from the ’90s, too.

These fashion icons has gone on to lead similarly impactful lives as activists, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs since the height of their careers. The non-profit organization Fashion For Relief, which partners with the fashion industry to help organizations like Time’s Up and CARE, was founded by Campbell in 2005. In 2010, to campaign for safer pregnancies and childbirths around the world, Turlington created Every Mother Counts. Evangelista recently assumed the position of vice president and artistic director of beauty brand Erasa on the business side. Crawford has also entered the corporate world, introducing the Meaningful Beauty skincare brand in 2005, as well as a line of furniture.

Although the iconic supermodels of fashion have since followed stuff outside the industry that initiated them into stardom, it is safe to say that revisiting their careers brings a new wave of excitement. Keep an eye out for The Supermodels’ release, which will soon be on Apple TV+.


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