These Are the Most Common STIs and Exactly When You Should Get Screened For Them

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You do not want one other physician telling you concerning the risks of unprotected intercourse. In the event you’re studying this, you’ve got in all probability been primed: infections contracted via intercourse, if left untreated, may cause well being issues starting from infertility to continual ache to most cancers. However in lots of (if not most) circles, speaking about sexually transmitted infections continues to be taboo, and so many ladies do not know if, when, and the way they need to be screened.

First, let’s straighten out some terminology. We’re speaking about infections — some asymptomatic, many curable, and nearly all treatable — so let’s transfer away from the time period “sexually transmitted illnesses” and begin calling them sexually transmitted infections, or STIs. Bear in mind, although, that the phrases are typically interchangeable and what you contemplate an STD may very well be an STI, so it is the extra right time period we should always truly be utilizing.

One other clarification: I am speaking about screening, which by definition is a check carried out in somebody with out proof of illness. When you have any signs regarding a attainable STI (issues like modifications in urination, bleeding, discharge, pelvic ache, or painful intercourse), then these guidelines do not apply to you — speak to your physician immediately. However when you’re asymptomatic, the next is a tough information for if and when it is best to get your self checked for every main sort of STI.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

As a result of these two are so widespread — over 1.5 million instances of chlamydia and half one million instances of gonorrhea have been reported within the US final yr — the CDC recommends that each one ladies 25 and underneath get examined yearly. When you’re older than 25, how typically you get examined will rely in your distinctive danger elements. Ladies at greater danger also needs to be examined yearly. When you’ve lately had a brand new sexual associate, have a number of sexual companions, have a associate with a just lately recognized STI, or have a associate with different concurrent companions, you fall into this excessive-danger class — particularly in case you do not use barrier safety persistently.


Everybody ought to be examined no less than as soon as for HIV throughout adolescence or maturity. Though there are not any formal tips on repeat screening for ladies, those that are greater danger based mostly on the elements above must be examined extra regularly. Some docs will display “highest-danger” ladies, together with those that have a number of sexual companions who don’t use barrier safety, each six months. As a result of it will possibly take as much as 12 weeks for the standard screening check for HIV to point out as constructive, when you’re getting examined quickly after having intercourse with a brand new companion, be certain that to debate various testing choices or get retested after a couple of months.


Despite the fact that it is on the rise, in contrast to HIV, screening for syphilis is just beneficial when you fall into a better-danger class based mostly in your sexual historical past. As a result of syphilis is usually discovered within the setting of different sexually transmitted infections, should you do get recognized with an STI, your physician ought to check you for syphilis as nicely.


Screening for HPV, or human papillomavirus, is completed together with your pap smear beginning at age 30. HPV is prevalent in sexually lively ladies of their 20s, however the overwhelming majority of instances are asymptomatic and cleared spontaneously, so it isn’t value checking till you are a bit older. Many people grew up in a time when pap smears have been carried out yearly, however based on new tips, you truly solely want one each three years. In case you check constructive for sure strains of HPV — these recognized to be related to cervical most cancers — your physician might advocate extra frequent paps.


Docs not often display for the herpes viruses HSV-1 and HSV-2 as a result of they’re so overwhelmingly widespread that it is in all probability not value discovering out when you’ve got it until you’ve got signs. About half of girls check constructive for antibodies to HSV-1 or HSV-2 (indicating they have been uncovered sooner or later), however until you get hallmark breakouts of bothersome genital sores, there isn’t a indication for remedy, so that you’re in all probability higher off being blissfully ignorant.

Hepatitis B and C

All ladies born between 1945 and 1965 ought to have a one-time screening for Hepatitis C. Everybody else must be examined for Hepatitis B and C relying on danger elements. When you’re at an elevated danger based mostly on the elements talked about above, you ought to be checked no less than as soon as and doubtless yearly for so long as you stay in a better-danger class.