The Unexpected Hair-Color Trend Celebrities Are Doing While In Quarantine

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April 27, 2020
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April 28, 2020

If you wanted spring hair trends to return with the awaited pastels and light palettes, you’re in for a big surprise. The softest lavender and rose gold whispers, super subtle screening, and ultra-light highlights are typically what appears in terms of spring hair colors, but this year your favorite stars were able to cut it instead they picked the boldest shades out there. Whether they have chosen vibrant blue or bubblegum pink, there is a growing list of celebrities with bright hair colors. Is it quarantine, or is it just a protest against beauty? That’s TBD but it may be worthwhile to dip your own ends into this new phenomenon for now.

Celebs, including Kristen Stewart and Dua Lipa, who might be considered seasoned hair dyers, have branched out of traditional colors and chosen more shockingly colorful hair colors. Yet it’s not just the more seasoned stars who have jumped into fresh colors newbies whose regular hair color is synonymous with how the packaged dye (hello, Hilary Duff) has never been taken out. Although these are far-reaching cries from a normal spring hair update, their DIY dye jobs are motivating enough to make you want to go all in during quarantine on a new color.

Look ahead, see the celebrities choosing neon, shiny, and jewel-toned shades for their hair going against the grain.

Hilary Duff’s Aqua Blue Hair

Instagram: @hillaryduff

Duff is your lady for at-home dye job inspiration. She posted her dramatic change from blonde to blue on April 13. But she didn’t go for just one colour; nope, for extra depth, she mixed different tones of aqua and blue talk about amazing.

Elle Fanning’s Coral-Colored Hair

Instagram: @ellefanning

Will you continue to get bothered by your roots? Only dye them rosy. Currently wearing blonde hair, Fanning opted not to risk a DIY touch-up but to settle for a new color. A fresh hair color will make things really liven up, and yeah, roots still look good.

Bubblegum Pink Swap by Dua Lipa

Instagram: @dualipa

Lipa swapped out the gold highlights for bubblegum pink ones in her black hair. She posted several photos of the new look in an April 16 Instagram message, one of which shows her boyfriend Anwar Hadid helping her dye it while it’s lockdown.

Kristen Stewart’s Bright Orange Hair

Instagram: @cjromero

Celeb hairstylist Cj Romero posted Stewart’s newest color in an Instagram post on March 29, part of his caption reading, “Who said you can’t be cute in quarantine!?” The actor’s new hue purposely makes her roots look edgy, and the color itself is a refreshing choice, because orange isn’t the first hair color that most people turn to when they want a shift.



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