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If you’re lucky enough to be able to work right now from home, you’ve probably found yourself thinking about the best shows to be binge watching to help differentiate your working hours from your non-work free time. And while there’s plenty of obvious, prestige choices out there, we thought we’d try to offer you a tailored guide to the best binge watching shows. It’s time to try something new and exciting, instead of the ones you’ve been putting off for years. Okay, here’s how.

The X-Files


The X-Files has 11 seasons which makes it a significant investment in time. Seasons One through Nine (the pre-reboot era) are always 20-plus episodes, meaning plenty of your regular, one-off adventures that were the norm for network television shows prior to the wars on stream. But I will say that the overwhelming amount of one-offs, which are still wildly entertaining, would improve the viewing experience of the plot-altering episodes linking the show. The central line of plot incorporates two of the juiciest questions of life: whether there is a clandestine system of government covering extraterrestrial activity, and whether Mulder and Scully can do it.

Friends From College


An ensemble comedy about a dysfunctional group of self-obsessed Harvard grads attempting to push their glory days way too far into their 40s, Friends From College wisely turns to the messy evil nature of post-grade college crews: rambunctious, reckless, and disgustingly bratty. After two allegedly unwatched seasons, Netflix axed it, meaning now is the time to shine for Friends from the college. Nearly all of its stars sound plucked from the most known circles of comedy, creating a kind of mishmash of unsung names churning out funny laugh-out-loud work.

Sex Education


The show isn’t just discussing trendy UK’s complicated lives. Teens; it also brings to television unprecedented and much-needed debates about intimacy, sexual activity and gender. Sex education is guaranteed not only to make you laugh and cry at the same time but also to make you quite uncomfortable and reflect on your own adolescence.

Cowboy Bebop

Amazon Studios

Because we’re all collecting new self-isolated hobbies and interests, why not make anime one of them? Cowboy Bebop is the perfect gateway show: the episodic exploits of a motley crew of bounty hunters (in space!) make the popular anime often unpredictable and never dull, with its high-speed chases, bar fights and enough instant ramen to send you panic-buying flashbacks. And at only 26 episodes, it’s not so short that you can finish it in a day, but not so long that it feels like a huge commitment it’s a perfect spot in the binge-watch.


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