The Best Sneakers to Buy for Under $100

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April 17, 2020
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April 18, 2020
Every single item of your fit shouldn’t make a statement, and you shouldn’t have to lace up your arsenal’s rarest pair of kicks (assuming you’re wearing them to start with) to feel like your look is full. You don’t have to be the biggest spender to get away with these suits, G.

Classic Slip-On

Vans $49.95

Vans has so many famous sneakers to their name it’s hard to choose which models to include. (Fortunately, almost all come in well under $100.)

Suede Classic Sneaker

Puma $62.25

Finding the “Suede Classic” shoe isn’t (only) a marketing tactic you’d be hard-pressed to find any more storied sneaker with a history.


Adidas $80.00

If for your heightened taste levels Stans are still a little too common, go the Gazelle route and go in quiet.

Air Force 1

Nike $90.00


Nike’s up on my feet to complete my cypher.

Men’s 850 Sneaker

New Balance $89.99


Another retro-inspired style that has only grown with age, like a fine wine.


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