Supergoop!’s Features The Sunscreen Mandy Moore Uses As A Primer

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Pregnancy glow is real — not just for the storyline This Is Us — for Mandy Moore, who revealed that she and her husband Taylor Goldsmith are expecting it. But it’s not just a spike in hormone levels to blame for the unusually flawless skin of the actor; it’s also a ritualistic SPF. Supergoop’s Family & Friends Sale includes her favorite.

In a 2018 interview with Redbook, Moore said that she looks most attractive when she takes care of herself. “Getting enough sleep, working out, taking a bath, and eating well are all so important,” she said, later suggesting that skin care falls into that category, too. And it’s during this interview that she revealed  her secret, her makeup primer.

It was, of course, Supergoop!’s Unseen SPF 40 (also a choice of Olivia Culpo’s and Lucy Hale’s).

Although UVB rays-progressively weaken during fall, UVA rays retain their strength throughout the season, so don’t just brush off your everyday SPF. Or always. Make sure that your reserve is completely stocked with Supergoop!’s


Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 $34 | Supergoop!

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