Snow Boots Just Got A Flip Thanks to Sophie Turner’s Outfit

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Call them moon boots, puffer boots, or whatever you want to call them—snow booties are a regular in cold months. If you happen to be identified with a camp that avoids ski lodges from November to April, you may have skated without adding them to your closet. That said, this isn’t the year to go with the “ugly” style of shoes. As Sophie Turner’s snow boots have shown, your favorite labels are giving the weatherproof shoe a fashionable upgrade, and now it’s as good a time as anyone else to get on board. Luxury-casual chic is ideal for the months ahead, whether or not winter sports are on the to-do list.

It all started on Nov. 23, when the Game Of Thrones actor was spotted for an afternoon stroll with Joe Jonas and their newborn daughter, Willa. She gave her slick head-to-toe-black wardrobe a welcome lift for the date, courtesy of her designer booties. Aside from a camouflage face mask, Turner modeled a black turtleneck and a broken leather blazer that nodded to ’90s-style classics like Rachel Green. Turner tied in a pair of simple black leggings and the stompers in question from the waist-down. From Louis Vuitton, the puffer boots sport a black outer shell and an LV-monogramed liner, providing a nuanced contrast to the theme of the logo.

There’s no reason to relegate moon boots to the slopes—as Turner has demonstrated, the silhouette is ideally suited for a stroll through the neighborhood, a visit to the café, or a ride to the grocery store. Off-duty shoes are likely to remain a front-runner in the months ahead, and your mesh boots and fluffy indoor-outdoor slippers will quickly prove to be ill-equipped for the season. Net net: engaging in the trend is recommended earlier rather than later. Turner’s exact pair is not yet available—but Louis Vuitton has a range of exciting options, much like other luxury houses like Fendi. Or, measure the pattern with a budget-friendly alternative, such as Sorel’s Puffy Boot or Cougar’s Suede Winter Boot.

Get the whole look down below.

Original Camo Face Mask $20 | Ball and Buck

Brooke Blazer $414 | Deadwood

Ballet Body Turtleneck Thong Bodysuit $98 | Commando

The Body High-Waisted Leggings $118 | Lola

Polar Float Half Boot $1,300 | Louis Vuitton

Leather Lace-Up Snow Boots $865 | Fendi

II Puffy Mid Boot $100 | Sorel

Vanity Suede Winter Boot $190 | Cougar Shoes

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