Shay Mitchell Is Rocking This Minimalist Nail Color

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Up there is white nail polish and little black skirts and a red lipstick. It’s a staple that can’t be tied to any season or fashion and many celebrities are naturally fans of its versatility. In fact, Shay Mitchell is one actress who has made this hue one of her favorite colors, and this summer is no different. Shay Mitchell’s white nail polish was making a reappearance this week, which turned up in some photos she shared on social media.

On Aug. 17, on her Instagram accounts, the actress posted a series of videos and pictures of her sporting a white manicure and doing everything from working out at the gym to enjoying a donut. The opaque, cloud-like hue was painted on square-tipped toes, and it was particularly trendy when she paired it with a pink floral dress and brown retro shades when she was wearing it on many occasions during the week.

For years, a white mani has been a popular choice for Mitchell, and the long list of times she’s worn includes Patrick Ta ‘s makeup launch last spring, photoshoots with Lulu’s and Béis, after parties with Grammy, her pregnancy announcement, and all last summer too. It’s easy to see why this will be such a go-to for Mitchell, among other celebrities, because the hue not only acts as a neutral but also functions as a bold nail thanks to its vivid shine one that doesn’t require any fancy patterns, finishes or professional skills.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram

Except for a small few, most nail polish brands have taken white this year out of their summer and fall sets, but even so, other stars are already dipping their brushes in this shade. Rihanna tried the hue in the shape of a pedicure in late July as well as putting this colour back into her own routine, and Olivia Culpo wore a white mani all summer long.

Obviously it’s a brilliant summer pick, but to prove the validity of its timeless appeal, you only need to look back to winter and spring, where celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner were captured wearing a bright coat of snowy lacquer too.


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