Rita Ora’s Surprising 70s-Inspired Transformation Long Blonde Hair

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The ’70s are the greatest age of fashion and beauty to be honest, which to some undoubtedly is a controversial assertion. Yes, it can be argued that there were many impressive fashion movements in the ’60s, ’80s and ’90s, but before the bright, shiny neons and post-Twiggy-esque eyeliner existed an era that beautifully combined natural elegance with glamour. Looks from the 1970s were irresistible, and today’s celebrities are always attracted to the groovy charm, which may be the rationale behind the long blonde hair of Rita Ora the newest beauty change of the singer, which is certainly a reference to the decade.

 While Ora has been sporting a blonde balayage bob in recent months, on July 25 she uploaded an picture of her latest ‘do to her page. The theme was a drastic changeover and tossed it back to the disco decade. Her fresh hair at her roots took on a soft blonde hue that was transformed into platinum blonde waist-length extensions. Celebrity hairstylist Rio Sreedharan has been the designer who brought to life the retro streaks of the singer and star. With a Farrah Fawcett-inspired look he twisted her hair out and away from her ears and straightened the longest inner extensions that came from Hair Rehab London. Sreedharan also struck Ora’s bangs reset, rendering them wispy and wavy with a bold middle portion.

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In go with her beauty, Ora’s makeup artist Marie Bruce opted in cover her lips entirely and do a smoky pink eye with copper shades. Bruce matched this with a light coral polish and a dewy finish from front to back. Ora ‘s ensemble comprised of a zebra print tank top, velvety high-waist trousers, and solid white sandals in comparison to her neon teal toenail polish to keep on with the look of the 1970s.


While her style is influenced by the ’70s, it still seems to be tapping into the patterns of this summer and maybe even beginning a new one. Though blonde has always been an increasingly popular summer color (especially this year), extensions in the colder months are not typically as common. When it gets humid, people usually go for shorter, lower maintenance bobs and lobs, making Ora’s chic color option and trend-setting length super refreshing.


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