Revolve X New Better World Fragrance House to Release a Scent that Smell Like Drake

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This season, when you gather around a scented candle instead of a remote cabin fireplace, why don’t you make it a luxurious choice that smells just like Drake? Following in the footsteps of Kacey Musgraves’ romantic Boy Smells collab and Travis Scott’s space-inspired Byredo drop, Drake’s Better World Fragrance House is said to have arrived “this holiday season,” according to an Instagram post from Revolve. Five scented candles are also expected to be introduced, including one that “actually smells like Drake” on the product website. Sold.

There’s not much to be gleaned from Better World Fragrance House’s online presence at the moment. It’s got a website and an Instagram profile, but all are sparse. The Revolve page for the fragrance brand is empty, as is the preview listed in the October IG update. Luckily for music lovers all over the country, InStyle spotted the Better World Fragrance House candle names, prices ($48 to $80) and pages that are still live on Revolve, though branded as out of stock.

What is missing in the notes of champagne, Drake’s coming line makes up for the mostly botanical and musk blends that sound appropriately complex, considering that this is the beginning of an entire fragrance house. First up is the Carby Musk scent, or “the candle that smells like Drake” as it would certainly be known as the Internet. The silky and masculine smell blends musk, cashmere, suede and amber with the product definition, mentioning that it is “the personal fragrance he wears, which inspired BWFH.”

photo credits: @revolve

Opt for the Muskoka candle if you just want to lift your campfire vibes—offering fresh clove buds, cedar, sandalwood, and a smoked leather accord that’s sure to satisfy everyone in your place. The same goes for the “genderless” Williamsburg Sleepover candle, a cheeky fragrance that balances its musk cedar with the rose and lily of the valley, and the Sweeter Tings, which incorporates bergamot and lemon peel. Last but not least is the Good Thoughts fragrance, Drake’s take on botanicals from all over the globe. Bergamot, fir, ylang ylang, clove bud, sandalwood oil, and patchouli mingle with the brand’s trademark musk.

Photo Credits: Revolve

Each candle comes with a marker that you may use to customize the container itself—below any scent title is the word “for,” indicating that you can either scribble in your own name or more thoughtfully, use it as personalized gifts. That blends right into the start of the holiday, doesn’t it? Keep an eye on the website of the Better World Fragrance House to remain up to date with the launch or, better still, sign up to be informed of notifications.



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