Parker’s Risky Approach In Theater With Lizzo, All The Talks!

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Fashion Expert For My Cmora Red Carpet Looks
June 7, 2015
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Amazing Night Hosting The Red Carpet At The 2015 Oscar’s Experience
June 7, 2015
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After exiting the stage with DuBose, Lizzo came back for an intense and theatrical performance during, “The Beautiful Ones.” Dominating both a man that was used as a prop and the song itself, it was at this point that we ran into the “wardrobe malfunction.” Parker of Parker XL happened to be her stylist that night and it remains unclear if her dress falling off was intentional or not. – Curious North

Not only was everything timed perfectly  but the added drama of the slowly unzipping dress and Lizzo’s insistence on pushing forward regardless had the audience hanging on her every word and gesture. We are loving this new look on Lizzo, can she have a future on Broadway ? -Fashion Odds


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