Looking for a reason to wear PJ all day? Why not Try Jimmy Fallon x Alex Mill’s “P’Jimmies” Collection

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For style enthusiasts who may not have anticipated Jimmy Fallon to be the next star of fashion: think again. It began with the inexpensive simple brand, Alex Mill, and its consultant, Mickey Drexler, who had a chance to meet the Late Night Star. Their talk was condensed into one simple element: pajamas. “People spend a third of their lives in bed! Why not have great pajamas that are fun and look good?” says Somsack Sikhounmuong, artistic director and co-founder of Alex Mill. The solution? Jimmy Fallon x Alex Mill’s “P’Jimmies”—a collection of sleeping clothes, shirts, and socks, all of which raise money for a great cause.

The 14-piece set appeared digitally on Nov. 19, showcasing both realistic and whimsical style features in equal measure. “Jimmy loved the idea of doing a collection of pajamas that you can live your life in tons of pockets, easy and comfortable but still cool and stylish,” Sikhounmuong says. On Instagram, Fallon debuted a few comic sketches of what they felt their sensible, but playful, P’Jimmies would include: logo-splayed crewnecks and ribbed socks, all of which made the final cut. The line then went on to include full co-ords, whose messy “scrambled stripes” print is the official, unofficial highlight of the project.




According to Sikhounmuong, fantastic pajamas will and should) extend well past your 8 hours of rest every day. P’Jimmies is for walking our dogs, running errands, and just hanging out in all day long,” he says.“We want you to mix and match them for whatever you might be doing.” If you’re in Fallon’s camp (as depicted in his IG video), that involves going to the workplace, becoming a tourist in your own neighborhood, and playing in an impromptu wind ensemble with your five-year-old daughter.


What’s more, the collection of less than $100 is contributing 100% of the proceeds to Feeding America. “No one should have to go to bed hungry and too often, so many are,” Sikhounmuong says. “It’s been a tough year, it’s the holidays, we thought it was really important to give back right now more than ever.”


Browse the P’Jimmies below:

P’Jimmies Bandana in Scrambled Stripes $20 | Alex Mill

P’Jimmies Sleep Shirt in Scrambled Stripes $50 | Alex Mill

P’Jimmies Sleep Pant in Scrambled Stripes $45 | Alex Mill

P’Jimmies 40-Winks Mask $20 | Alex Mill

P’Jimmies Sweatshirt $75 | Alex Mill

P’Jimmies Sleep Short in Scrambled Stripes $32 | Alex Mill

P’Jimmies Dream Suit $98 | Alex Mill

P’Jimmies Socks in Dream Stripes $18 | Alex Mill



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