Lifestyle: Milk & Eggs Food Delivery Saved Me Thousands!

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August 19, 2018
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December 17, 2018
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Let me start by saying I was the guy that always said “I will NEVER do a grocery delivery service… I love to pick out my own produce and find new products that were until my grocery routine became me spending my Sunday stopping at Trader Joe’s (you know for all those TJ exclusive items), Whole Foods for my Hot dish food, Ralphs for my produce, UGH! I was spending 100’s of hours in traffic returning back home and even more money from Uber & Lyft bills. I took a chance on the LOS ANGELES & ORANGE COUNTY delivery service Milk & Eggs and I’m Addicted!

I’m always out of town and I continuously miss the Sunday Farmer’s Market, and then other days I’m working late on set I found myself too tired to go anywhere and begin ordering out not only was the food not healthy it was expensive, but with Milk & Eggs my food is awaiting me when I get home ready for me to prepare.

Oh And Don’t forget the also Carry Pressed Juice! So I can get my daily intake of Fruits and Vegetables.

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