Learn How To Design Your Own Gallery Wall With Miranda Kerr

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Miranda Kerr may be commonly known as a model and a makeup mogul, but she still knows something or two about decoration. In reality, while a little under the radar, the 37-year-old launched her own furniture line with Universal Furniture in 2019, showing that Kerr is no novice to designing and curating a beautiful space. In reality, a look at her Instagram will show you that she’s on her way to an expert status—and while every aspect of her home reflects that it’s her stunning gallery wall that will persuade you once and for all.

While it has been shown on her feed many times, the most recent post showcasing the beautifully arranged vignette of the model reveals how much Kerr knows the art of the gallery wall. While it isn’t neatly spaced out or excessively pristine, it offers the optimal background for its seating area and appears sleek without being nimble.

And yeah, it’s actually easy to recreate—just keep scrolling to the Kerr-inspired wall tips of the gallery, below.

Photo Credits: @mirandakerr

How To Create A Gallery Wall

1. Use A Variety Of Frames

The most significant detail to achieve the non-fussy wall feel of the gallery? Make sure all of the frames are different. Going too matchy here might leave you with a look that seems stale, so copy Kerr and combine a range of basic frames in various woods, metals, and colours.

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2. Don’t Just Feature Artwork

As Kerr knows, the walls of the gallery don’t just have to include objects that are framed. Follow her example and introduce things like sconces, hanging baskets, or even plants—they add the much-needed dimension and help break up all the straight lines.

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3. Mix Art With Personal Photos

Making sure your gallery wall is as intimate as it is creative, featuring images from your life along with your artwork set. That way, it’s not going to feel so delicate or stuffy, but more like a representation of you.

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4. Let Go Of Perfection

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