Kylie Jenner’s Honey Blonde Hair Ideal For Those Who Doesn’t Like To Dye Their Hair to Crazy Colors Yet

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October 29, 2020
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Not to jinx it, but the pink hair wave seems to be on the way out, leaving room for more subtle color shifts. But if your tea cup has always been more discreet, you’ll be glad to know that tastes are turning to natural colors and lighter shades that aren’t afraid to reveal a little base. Kylie Jenner’s honey blonde hair is the newest proof of this, popping up on feeds and signaling a shift in hair color.

Usually highlights and bronze-colored strands are synonymous with summer and warmer days of the year, but you can count on Jenner to boldly introduce a new concept among conventional seasonal patterns. On Oct. 21, Jenner posted a video with a white crop top and only the hair color.

The shade is best described as a honey blonde — or bronde — and she styled her locks into much less waves that almost hit her belly button. A reality star and an entrepreneur matched her beauty to a fresh tone, opting for a warm nude lip and a matte brown eyeshadow. Although it’s identical to the ultra-volume curls she rocked for the latest Kylie Cosmetics photo shoot, this choice is cooler and features blended roots and more blonde than the ombré.

photo credit: Kylie Jenner

It’s fair to say, however, that she doesn’t fly through hair dye bins or sprint to the salon every couple of days. Jenner also depends on wigs and extensions to make her iconic lightning fast transitions possible.

Violet Teriti, the founder of Chaviv Hair, is the genius behind many of the extra-long extensions of Kardashian and Jenner, as well as Jenner’s chocolate brown waves a few weeks earlier. Though she wasn’t tagged in her snap, Teriti relayed Jenner ‘s image to her Celebrities Highlights, perhaps encouraging her to get this beautiful new length and color.

Jenner is more evidence that bobs and lobs haven’t been nearly as popular this year, but the temptation to have long hair is obviously going around the famous family. While Jenner and her sister Kim are the two most likely to experiment with waist-skimming lengths, late sister Kendall Jenner attempted long locks to shoot Givenchy and other sister Khloé Kardashian traded her chocolate brown bob for long waves again. Overall, the family obviously continues a style that will suit minimalist hair well in the winter.




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