Kylie Jenner Celebrated Her Birthday Wearing a Crystal Corset

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Kylie Jenner turned 23 last August 10. To celebrate, she decided to stage a rather understated party that did not include any balloon arches, over-the-top themes, live animals, shows by Kenny G or lavish floral displays. Instead, Kardashian-Jenner ‘s youngest sibling gave her followers a look at the dinner she had with friends at Nobu Malibu, and the gifts she had, including a custom-made Bryan Hearns corset and skirt, embellished with “XXIII,” spelled out in hundreds of Swarovski crystals.

The corset-clad snapshot is the culmination of a celebration of Jenner ‘s days. She’s posted photos of a flower design influenced by Takashi Murakami in the last few days, an intricate cake, and big letters spelling out “HBD KYLIE” by her pool. Sure, so it wasn’t completely free from Kardashian party rituals, but the individual photos of Jenner didn’t highlight the most lavish birthday celebrations.

Hearns shared that Jenner ‘s custom corset cost $950 and was designed in partnership with Jill Jacobs, their stylist. To addition to the crystal XXIII on the corset, Jenner also had a crystal tattoo of the same motif on her body.

“I spoke to her stylist Jill Jacobs about how she wanted something nude with crystals that incorporated her age 23,” Hearns told Page Six in an email.

While Kylie kept her group under the radar somewhat, her family wasn’t coy about showing off their adventures and get-togethers when other people are already in lockdown. Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian held a July Fourth party, and Kylie had a birthday bash at Khloé the month before that, according to Elle.


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