Kourtney Kardashian’s Bright Blue Nails Brings Back Summer

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November 5, 2020
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While some people warmly embrace the fall and the winter, others mourn the summer ‘s end and are in no mood to paint their nails with earthy shades or whip the deep red lipstick. If you belong to the latter group, you don’t have to give up with a defeated sigh of colors matching pumpkins and tinsel garlands. Instead, you can copy Kourtney Kardashian’s bright blue nails to stave off the cold weather and festive manicures that are on their way, even if they’re just a little longer.

The renowned manicurist in charge of the look, Kim Truong, shared close-ups of Kardashian’s nails to her feed, captioning “Vacay mani” along with the polish details. The electric cerulean color was undeniably suited to a tropical escape in the form of her sister Kim Kardashian ‘s infamous 40th birthday party.

Truong used Kiara Sky’s Someone like Blue Dip Powder with the brand’s well-named Mermaid powder on top for a holographic finish a perfect choice for an island getaway. They were placed in a long square-tipped finish, without the need for extensions, according to Truong, who, in response to a fan admiring and inquiring about the shape, said, “Yes, Kourt’s nails are always her natural nails.”

Photo Credits: kimkimnails

Usually, Kardashian is one who enjoys more minimalist designs and colors when it comes to her makeup, often returning to nude lipsticks, black or brown eyeliners, and nude or black and white manicures. But it’s clear that she’s not afraid to try things with a splash of color every now and then, especially when special occasions arise.

In September 2020, she decided to share a moment with a bright orange-red lipstick and tested the eyeliner in the same shade as her current Vogue Mexico photoshoot nails in August 2020. Now, not only is her most recent foray into color gorgeous to look at, but it’s the perfect inspiration for those who want the sun to stick around a little longer.

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