Kendall Jenner’s Matcha Colored Nails Should Be Your Next Go-To Hue

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September 24, 2020
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There’s been a strong stream of celebrities opting for surprising hues on their nails this fall, such as light blue, baby pink, and now pastel green, save for a few rule-followers. This most recent decision will possibly become a fall favorite this year, because when it comes to makeup, green rarely makes an appearance. This is a shame because green can be zen; it can be edgy; it can really be anything, so let the queen of green help you out herself. The pastel green nails of Kendall Jenner, the new choice of polish for the model, are now here to serve as your unofficial guidebook.

Green deserves more than the occasional consideration, as shown by Jenner, particularly because it is remarkably useful for wearing during the uncomfortable inter-summer and fall stages. She returned with a fresh paint job that preceded a stint with a light blue French manicure after a visit to the Modern Pamper Salon, a favorite of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Her technician threw her long nails into the square tips and brushed them with a few coats of matcha green. It also seemed to be identical in nature to the manicure that her sister received from the same salon back in March.

Modern Pamper Salon / Instagram

Kendall Jenner / Instagram

Kylie had IBD’s Jade Dynasty painted on her nails, and while there is no proof that it is the same lacquer, the nails of her older sibling look eerily tight in color. Not to mention, the two have picked before to get matching manis.

While pistachio may seem like a random choice to fall with waltz, Jenner actually has a love for all things green already. She also has an entire Instagram highlight devoted to the color, and sporting green eyeliner, clothing, pantsuits, sandals, and sparkling jumpsuits have been seen. It’s just a matter of time before

they turn up there, too, with these nails.

You can go green and shop yourself in a few shades close to Jenner ‘s choice, below.

Just Gel Polish in Jade Dynsasty
$12.95 | IBD

Mint Chocolate Chip
$8 | Lisa Nail Lacquer

Expressie Precious Cargo-Go!
$8.97 | ESIE

$10 | ZOYA

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