Kate Middleton’s Updo at Remembrance Sunday Is A Remarkable Change From Her Usual Blown-Out Waves

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Like the sound of a running bath or the fragrance of a beloved candle, the sheer sight of Kate Middleton stimulates a mutual sigh of relief. An instant sense of peace. The Duchess was especially elusive hidden away in the euphoric corner of Kensington Palace, presumably during this whirlwind year, but Remembrance Sunday 2020 gave a rare sighting of Kate Middleton (and a chic updo to admire as well).

Despite a national lockdown, the royals retained their annual tradition of meeting at the Cenotaph on the second Sunday of November to remember British war veterans. The Duchess of Cambridge was accompanied at the service by the Queen and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, all in black and with a symbolic poppy flower. While Middleton’s custom-made military-style coat dress was as predictable as ever, it was her hairstyle that amazed us.

Instead of her signature blown-out waves, the standard of recent Zoom meetings and the socially distanced appearances supported by @KensingtonRoyal, the duchess’ chestnut waves were pinned in a strikingly sophisticated, almost vintage-like coiffure. A much more formal look than Middleton had been rocking late proof that she had to be reunited with her hairstylist the updo was impeccably woven together in an intricate pattern of alternating layers and decorative swirls.

It consisted of a discreet bouffant at the tip, French twisty-type bits tucked inward into a tidy, low-hanging chignon decorated with a single ringlet fastened with bobby pins, finished with a black fascinator, as usual.

Though updos is a rarity for Kate Middleton only reserved for special events and typically supported by a ballgown, tiara, etc.—Remembrance Sunday has traditionally acted as an excuse for formal hairstyles in her case. 2020 is just subtly different from the updos she’s worn for every year since 2016, with the exception of 2017’s retro, hat-topped mock bob (one of her chicest and most memorable looks to date).

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were absent from the London ceremony, but allegedly paid their respects separately at the Los Angeles Cemetery, where, according to People, they placed roses and poppy wreaths.



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