Julia Roberts Perfected This Cinnamon Hair Color Trend In The ’90s

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If you thought it’s time to change your light and vibrant hair color from summer, but aren’t yet on board to go too dark or rich, the best happy medium is the fall’s “cinnamon” hair color style. It is a beautiful warm red with hints of soft brown, and there is no better celebrity than Julia Roberts and her flawless take on the hue in the 1990s to turn to for inspiration.

Although Roberts embraced crimson hair for years, this year, just in time for the pumpkin season, the hue began to pick up momentum, seeing a revival thanks to celebrities such as Lucy Hale, who got her warm red color courtesy of hairstylist and colorist Kristin Ess. Sarah Hyland adopted an ultra bright red earlier this year (though accidentally), as did Kim Kardashian, who went for cherry red, and Kylie Jenner, whose version of cinnamon hair straddled the brunette line more closely.

That said, the particular autumnal theme in question is somewhat more subdued than the fiery reds that emerged over the summer, and has a more spicy touch than a classic brunette. See how Roberts made this color her signature in the ’90s if you’re motivated by this multi-dimensional tone, and take notes.

1. “Cinnamon” Hair Color In A Shaggy Bob

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The perfect low-maintenance cut for autumn is this chic, short bob. If something that helps you to roll out of bed with little effort has piqued your curiosity, this is your cut. Its length also makes it much more manageable to deal with any harm from hair dye.

2. Softly Waved “Cinnamon” Hair Color

Victor Malafronte/Archive Photos/Getty Images

In cinnamon hair, the numerous tonal strands make it ideal for waving. It adds a big dimension and you get the right combination of dark chestnut tones and bright strawberry locks as the light reaches it. To keep the hold strong, but natural, all it takes is a few twists of a curling wand and a little pomade.

3. Long & Layered “Cinnamon” Hair

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Long layers are an excellent means of showing off the depth and dimension of cinnamon hair, whether you wave or straighten them. A cut like this will provide more texture and shape than a blunt style for those who prefer beyond-shoulder locks.


4. “Cinnamon” Hair Color With Side Bangs

Mitchell Gerber/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Feeling a little more audacious? Try testing driving sleek, side fringe like Roberts did here if the commitment of bangs doesn’t break you out in a sweat.

5. “Cinnamon” Hair Short & Curly

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

In the flip side, one of the easiest ways you can wear your red hair is with lots of extra curl and texture if you’re going for the chop this season. Pulling it back into a low-bun with a few face-framing bits can give the appearance of a lob or bob, sans scissors, if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into shorter strands.

6. Mullet “Cinnamon” Hair

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Mullets are back, boy, and a shag cut like this helps lighter crimson tips to halo gorgeous deeper roots. Paired with a la Roberts green velvet blazer, you’ve got your fall uniform ready to go.

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