JLo’s New Beauty Line Will Give You “Beauty From The Inside Out”

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The obsession with Jennifer Lopez’ makeup routine is well known. Do a fast search on Google on the skin care it uses, and you’ll find pages of product reviews spanning years—fans have been waiting to get it lit—within the shimmer since “Jenny from the Block” fell back in 2002. So it’s only fitting that JLo Beauty is debuting with eight skin items right off the bat. You think of the glow as you think of J.Lo.

So much so that JLo Beauty’s debut serum reveal is practically named JLo Glow. Alongside these are a gel-cream cleanser, two-piece mask, cream moisturizer, SPF 30 moisturizer, eye cream, bronzing-highlighting “complexion booster” and nutritional skin supplement—because skin care is hardly just something you put on your face these days. Each name is just as smart as the serum’s: the cleanser is called That Hit Single, while the SPF moisturizer is called That Big Screen. Prices start at $18 for a single sheet mask and range to $79 for the JLo Glow Serum.

JLo Beauty has also shared more detail on product availability—though you will still have to wait until January 1 to shop on JLoBeauty.com. The latest range will be available in-store and online at Sephora on Jan. 14, as well as at Amazon on the same day.

Photo Credits: JLo Beauty

“I’ve been thinking about doing a skin care line probably for the past 20 years. You kind of just have to wait for the right time. I think I needed to become a little bit more realized in myself, to have a philosophy on an actual beauty company and what that means,” Lopez tells a group of reporters. “Beauty from the inside out, and the idea of beauty having no expiration date.”

As far as the individual ingredients are concerned, the “JLo Beauty Olive Complex” plays a vital role in four of the eight new items. Described as a combination that provides “that star glow” in the press release, it blends squalane, fermented oil, extra virgin oil, and a leaf extract, so you’ll get the most that olives have to give. Skin care fans may also notice other components at play. A yeast-derived ferment can be contained in the serum, mask and cream, which are both formulated with the hyaluronic acid “Next-Jen.”

Photo Credits: jlobeauty

There’s still a glimpse of potential future makeup-skin combinations, if you deem the Star Filter complexion booster ($39). It is made of mineral pigments that serve as a smoothing barrier for the skin, immediately giving it a diffused, illuminated, and bronzed look that is sheer at the same time. Either you should use it mixed in your moisturizer for an overall shine, or as a bronzing highlighter over your makeup. The Inner Love dietary supplement ($36) demonstrates that the company is poised to enter the health industry; the one-day capsule provides olive extract, vitamin E, manganese and copper, which function together to help moisture and collagen.

Shop the upcoming JLo Makeup collection on JLoBeauty.com starting Jan. 1.


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