It Turns Out That Kim Kardashian’s Golden Brown Hair Is More Than Just A Beach Accessory

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A week after turning 40, Kim Kardashian started to flood Instagram with images of herself dressed in neon swimwear, in the middle of a family, all seemingly remote and tropical. Many that weren’t outraged by them scrolled through jealousy snapshots—who wouldn’t want to be Kim Kardashian, with her beachy golden brown hair and a chipper lime green manicure, on a $1 million vacation?

The photographs were so polarizing that for the first time in ten years, the makeup mogul’s hair transformation was practically ignored. However, her long-time hairstylist, Chris Appleton—who was of course, there on that trip—has made sure we’re not going to miss it, revisiting Kim K’s caramelized mane weeks after coming back from The Brando.

Although the lightened shade made for a suitable vacation accessory, it seems that its intended intention was to help promote its KKW Beauty Birthday Series. Opalescent, inspired by Kardashian’s birthstone, released on October 21 with eight Semi-Matte Liquid Lipsticks, a 10-pan eye shadow kit, and more.

The just-surfaced behind-the-scenes pictures show a company designer in a white bikini top, sporting her trademark nude lip and hair color worlds apart from her normal jet-black hue, just noticeable now that it’s not covered under a bucket hat or soaked in seawater.

Photo Credits: @chrisappleton1

Photo Credits: @kimkardashian

Photo Credits: @kimkardashian

Appleton is known for some of the most unforgettable looks of the Hair Chameleon—the “Cher Hair,” the high ponies, the wet look, the platinum dye job, and every time it’s gone blue, pink, red, and so on. He never sends her a hair out of place, but here she’s in French Polynesia, showing us what looks like an anti-style.

For a week of quintessentially beachy, carefree waves, Kardashian eschewed all elaborate slicked-back ponies, complicated braids, and sleek blowouts. With the exception of the braided bangs, she kept her long golden brown hair down and the mermaid-like hair all five days.

It hardly compares to her boldest hair colors—and it’s not even the first time she’s gone half-blonde this year—but this new Kim Kardashian spin on the bronze is delightfully subtle and worth copying. When you’re able to take it a look back at her 40th birthday blowout celebration will have constant hair inspo and a good dose of escapism.

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