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Planning your first trip to Istanbul? How exciting! After 3 weeks living in the Turkish cultural capital, I have knowledge enough to give a couple tips.

Many people have the idea that Turkey is not a friendly country due to the Muslim religion and culture. But the truth is: when you leave the prejudice behind you will be enchanted by the beauty of Turkey and its people. As much as you discover the city more you fell in love of Istanbul. So much that after my one week project I stayed there for 2 more weeks!

For your first trip to Istanbul I would recommend at least five days, so you can have the taste of the ancient city and also enjoy the modern side of Istanbul. Although if you want to explore the big cities and the countryside, I´d say you should book a 10 days holiday minimum.

You have to check out Taxim Square! it reminds me of Manhattan of NYC and everything is opened until 3-4 AM, If you’re staying at a hotel here are Some of the best hotels in Taksim area:

 Dreamers B&B

Rooms Inn Taxim

Nuru Ziya Suites



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