Is Buying A Chanel Bag Better Investment Than A Home?

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Hi, ladies! I know a lot of you are crazy about bags. There are a lot of awesome designer bags out there, and I believe that Chanel is one of the names that will surely make anyone’s top list of fashionable bags. Some may see these bags only as a form of luxury, but did you know that buying a Chenal bag is actually a better investment than a home? Yes, you heard that right!

Why are Chanel bags a better investment than a home?



Take for example the original classic flip bag of Chanel. It was released way back in 1995. Back then, this bag only had a price tag of $220. Now granted that the value of money is different then than now, it’s price with inflation considered in adjustment would only be around $1,967.17 today. But guess how much you can sell it for now?

Chanel flip bags now cost $4,900 at the least. That’s already over $3,000 difference in price!

Add to this is the fact that the price for Chanel bags has seen an inflation rate of over 70% in the last six years ALONE! This means that a Chanel bag in 2013 now costs 70% more than its price back then. On the other hand, the value of a home has only seen an inflation rate in the same six years time frame of only 8.1%. Buying a Chanel bag brings bigger returns, doesn’t it?

Need I mention that Chanel bags, despite its prices, typically sell like hotcakes? A good bag can be sold as fast as 24 to 48 hours only. Now, do you know any house that can be sold that fast?

So yes, buying a Chanel bag are more than just getting luxury bags. They are, if you look at it the right way, actually a better investment than a home. You cannot live in it, sure, but you can sure look really fashionable in it while you use it and eventually sell it at a later time. If you are lucky, you can even make lots of money from it!

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