Irina Shayk’s Puffer Jacket Adds Color To Winter Weather

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When looking for outerwear, it’s tempting to search for suitable shades like black or tan, and indeed, it’ll stir you in the direction of an ideally streamlined wardrobe. But there’s plenty to tell about a colorful statement jacket (think bright colors and unorthodox prints) and its potential to fully transform the ensemble. Never shy away from a noticeable hero-piece, Irina Shayk’s puffer jacket outfit just set the bar for a fun winter outfit.

On November 24, the Russian model was seen in New York wearing black and black, except for an unanticipated blue and white cloud-printed puffer jacket. From the collaboration between the skateboard company Palace and the luxury label Moschino, the jacket brings an element of streetwear to Shayk’s otherwise minimal and elegant ensemble. This urban aspect is not new to the style, which is frequently spotted in denim and hoodies by another cult-favorite streetwear designer, Chrome Hearts—but, the excentric motif of the jacket is certainly an outlier in Shayk’s recent palette of grays, blacks, and olive greens. Almost as if to add life to the playful cloud style of the puffer, Shayk accessories the outfit with a fuzzy shearling DeMELLIER handbag, then polishes it with high platform combat boots and mini frames by Poppy Lissiman.

A puffer jacket is often not a fashion highlight of your wardrobe, but as Shayk reveals, outerwear with unforeseen patterns and hues from trend-setting brands such as Palace or Daily Paper is sure to draw attention as you maneuver through any area. To channel the look of the style and welcome some summer fun to the end of the year, shop the sold out puffer jacket pre-owned while the chance still stands. Then, complete the outfit with your favorite leggings, your coziest turtleneck, and a seasonal fighting boot style of choice, or check out the exact top and boot of Shayk below.

The Mini Los Angeles $425 | Demellier

Gilda High Commando Boots $637 | GCDS

Cashmere Long Sleeve Turtleneck $149 | Falconeri

Stretch Jersey Leggings $400 | Wardrobe NYC

Puffa Jacket Blue Cloud $1235 | Palace X Moschino



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