How to Trim Your Eyebrows

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Trimming eyebrows is one of those grooming moves that many men file under “unnecessary, not for me.” That’s a shame because we can all take advantage of eyebrow trimming. The plain, fast practice done once every couple of weeks will boost whatever shape your eyebrows currently show.

That’s because trimming your brows isn’t the same as plucking them it’s not the time to get your brows downsized or reshape. So, if it’s going to be bushy and pretty, you have big brows now that won’t expand beyond their limits. The same goes for thin or average eyebrows: trimming them avoids occasional flyaways and that extremely long strand (we all know the hair) that somehow snuck out there. Of course, this isn’t as dire as a decent haircut or a nail trim, but we file it under “the specifics are all there.” And, the specifics are eyebrows. (Our bushy grooming columnist just asks about his esteemed pair.)

So, get ready. You’ll need to look at yourself in the mirror with a few tools, a steady hand and a baseline degree of comfort.

Here are the tools you need

A mustache comb

Kent mustache comb At 2.8 inches, it’s just big enough for the small job at hand. Amazon $8

Get a comb that’s tiny enough to separate the hair: Here a mustache comb is working well. Without a tiny comb, it’s possible to trim your eyebrows some guys use a new flat-top toothbrush for the task but getting one is the first step towards deliberate, well manicured brows.

Tiny scissors

Tweezerman brow scissors Tweezerman’s stainless steel eyebrow scissors also come with a brush. Amazon $17

If you don’t want something sharp near your eyes (usually these are for nose-hair trimming), you may get a pair with a rounded-tip, but they appear to be hard to manipulate because you are trimming too close to the head. We would suggest having point-tip eyebrow scissors made for function.


How to Trim Your Eyebrows

Know your face

The first thing you need to do is research your brows and their form, as trimming eyebrows is something that could easily take a dark turn (you over-trim and all of a sudden you have wisps for eyebrows). Look at the bridge, the ends and everything. Here, the intention is not to compromise the perfection. Again, plucking is a whole different game if you are considering a new form. But for now, you just graze off the top a little bit. So with these moves, that’s all we’ll do: just snip the ends and clean it all up. Don’t miss out on that goal.

Comb upward

Take your teeny little comb and train it all straight up, on the top. You can also comb back and forth against the grain so it looks as bushy and gnarled as possible. See how long in reality those hairs are?

Snip along the brow line

Now take your scissors in pint size and get close to the mirror real. Snip off any hair hanging above your brow line. Again, don’t sacrifice the form at all, just trim off at any of the lawns that need mowing. You will be looking at the exact same outline of the eyebrow when you’re done. Then you can comb the brow back into place, and sigh relievingly that you look just the same as you did when you started, only a little tidier.

Don’t use your beard trimmer

Please stop using an electric clipper unless it is designed specifically to trim eyebrows. And also don’t use large scissors. You would be doing something that you regret.



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