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April 30, 2020
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When you are blessed with voluminous, curly hair, the responsibility of caring for it is always cursed to you. All the long-curly-hair people out there are well aware of the trade off.

Having a good hair day on your own is hard enough, much less when the weather is about to turn your long, curly hair into a tall, bloated bird’s nest or a droopy, greasy mop. Plus, making this style of hair needs additional expertise and much more products to keep things under control. One of the main issues people have with curly hair is that they don’t use the right products for their hair style.

Here are his tips out there for the long-curly-hair guys, including the items he uses on himself and his customers (including quite a few celebrities and models).

Hair care and products for long, curly hair

Wash your hair every third day, and condition it. It’s a sweet spot, the the number of days you’re suffering from the dry poofiness that shampoo creates (because it can remove the natural oils from your scalp that help feed the hair). Your hair contains oils, and these natural oils are particularly good for the levels of moisture in your hair.

The types of products you’re using on your curly hair that need to treat the specific form of hair such as coiled curls, bleached hair, dyed hair or waves. But one thing these curly-hair shampoos and conditioners have in common is that they are extra nourishing and give huge quantities of moisture to the ends of your curls since these curled-up tips are difficult for the scalp’s natural oils to find their way to. (In straight hair, it is easier) Uses a shampoo on the third day, then a conditioner (never using them together), and lastly, after the shower, a leave-in cream conditioner.

And instead, if your hair is very dry or frizzy, then once a week after the shower you can also do a hair-mask treatment to deep-condition and plump it full of nutrients. Apply to clean, wet hair, and rinse it (after the required period of time). Start the routine as usual then. You can always detangle your hair, using a brush, when you’re in the tub, because it works better when wet, and is less likely to tear and split.

If you want to detangle it dry, use a comb to avoid breaking. But don’t push it react always to the stubbornness of your hair, and proceed with caution. You might need to wet it to get it off the groove.

Styling products for long, curly hair

Chances are you won’t want to use a hair dryer, unless there’s a lot of volume and texture you’re looking for. If that’s the case, then first apply a heat-protecting spray to your hair which is also a barrier for frizz and moisture that stops your hair from drying out. It is important to apply this heat-protective first, whether you are using a blow dryer or not.

If you want the pressure from a hair dryer, please add the diffuser attachment at the end of the nozzle, so you can disperse the heat to your curls uniformly and securely. An ionic dryer also avoids excess damage by allowing the cuticle from inside out to dry.

If heat is not your enemy for the day, then applying a primer to your curls is always smart, just to prepare it for all the items you’re about to add. Since they are anti-frizz and anti-humidity, you can always rely on the same heat-protecting products, but some advertise their priming forces, too. Next, you’ll want to apply your grooming cream as well as an anti-frizz oil or gel (often a leave-in conditioner).

If you’re still struggling to get your hair to fit together, can you just need to visit the stylist. A stylist will help you make the hair texture and fabric so it sits smoother, listens to your orders and poofs less.


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