How To Stylishly Wear A Face Mask The Sienna Miller Way

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As for most fashion items, selecting an ensemble that looks genuinely original is challenging. And while facial masks are still a fairly recent phenomenon, we have seen almost the same thing. As most states now constitutionally allow face masks as a safety precaution as fashion girls and celebrities make the new must-have piece a trendy addition to their routine in public, and this scarf hack will only make the next look tenfold better and this is the case with the fashionable face scarf of Sienna Miller.

On Jul 28, Miller was seen modeling a summer outfit in New York City which is both fully polished and at the same time basic. Quite striking however, is her face cover pick. Behind her head she knotted a yellow and blue floral scarf protecting both her lips and nose. The simple color burst made her otherwise bland outfit all the difference. In fact, her wide-leg trousers are a perfect example of how jeans will work even on the hottest days. Perhaps better, her high-rise belted pair comes from Mango, which is currently available for only $100 in most sizes. Her blue tennis shoes, in a summer-appropriate color-way, are Gucci’s $690,77 pair. Her sunnies are by Baxter and Bonny and she’s wearing a Proenza Schouler tote bag for arm candy and the company has the same silhouette in a detailed bungee style that’s going for 65 percent off now.

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Miller may not be the first to wear a square scarf as a face mask (Olivia Palermo, looking at you), but her style is worth emulating. To get her style, combine the go-to parts like a ribbed tank top and khakis into neutral shades. From there, add a stylish pair of shoes and a black or white carry-all handbag and let the scarf retain the attention. Any colorfully illustrated version will dress up quickly any recipe you have put together just make sure to add a CDC or WHO-approved face covering underneath your scarf as well.


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