How To Liven Up Your Office With Reese Witherspoon’s Home Office Chair

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A swipe through the infinite pages of desk chairs on the internet may have persuaded you that this office need is doomed to be ugly. With their usually bulky legs, bland form, and bland fabric, office seats are mostly built for function and function only—but as Reese Witherspoon’s home office shows, you don’t really have to opt for conventional eyesore in your WFH room.

The Little Fires Everywhere Star took Instagram earlier this week to inspire more than 24 million followers to buy and support small businesses this holiday season with a snapshot of herself seated on a monitor in what appears to be her home office. In true Witherspoon style, her surroundings were full of colour with a Southern touch—but the true star of the photo was her blue and white desk chair.

The designer of Draper James is no stranger to this color combination—and it’s important part of the design of her apparel line, and it’s prominently used in the rest of the star’s house. It makes sense, then that she decides to integrate it into her office as well—though in a much less traditional manner.

Photo Credits: @reesewitherspoon

Partnered with what looks to be a shagreen desk, an orchid plant, and a shelf full of vibrant books and trinkets, the bright seating choice provides a pop of color that has a welcoming vibe to the typically boring, styleless office corner that many of us are used to. Plus, as interior designer Emma Beryl said, earlier this year, it’s been more important than ever as of late “to create interesting, vibrant, inspiring spaces” since people are spending more time indoors (quarantine duh) — in case you need further proof that following Witherspoon’s lead is a good decision.

And if you plan to, you may want to ignore the specified “desk chair” sections while you’re browsing, since they’re most likely to contain a range of the ugly choices previously listed. Instead, consider looking for the dining chair categories—they’re more likely to have trendy decor, and the items will also be made for sitting at the table.

Adduni Chair – BULUU $1,975 | 54KIBO

Charlie Chair – Ocean $199 | Ecobirdy

Acapulco Side Chair $421.20 | Braxton Culler

All Roads Shaina Petite Accent Chair $598 | Anthropologie

How to Mary A Millionaire Upholstered Side Chair $2,195 | Hollywood at Home by Peter Dunham

Graz Modern Chair Blue/Walnut $169.99 | Armen Living

Seacliff Wingback Armchair, Blue/White $1,285 | Barclay Butera

Plaza Chair $2,498 | Serena & Lily


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