How To Know If You’re Just His Friends With Benefits

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Ladies, I know when dating it’s hard to know if there’s more to you and your potential bae. All the signs are there, he always says the right words at the right time, and you even start to dream of a future with him! Sounds, too good, doesn’t it? But the burning question is: does he feel the same way? Is he seeing you in the manner, or is he just there for the occasional hookup? You should know!

Here’s my little dating advice on how to know if you’re wasting your time because you’re just his FWB!

1. He does not talk of future plans

I understand that there are people who may not want to rush things (and you shouldn’t!), but not talking about future plans AT ALL could be something you should be worried about already. Does he talk about settling down? Moving in together? Having kids? Or, does he only care about what is happening now?

2. You never go out

Well, you guys do, but it’s always indoors. You would naturally want to go out on a dinner or maybe just go places from time to time but for him, it has always been a case of “your place or my place.” Why is that, you wonder? It’s simple. He either has multiple girls he’s “seeing” at the same time, or he just does not want to be seen by friends and families with you. Since, you know, he does not see you as “for keeps” anyway.

3. It’s always just sex

Not only that you only hang out indoors, but at least 99% of the time, it’s only about sex. When was the last time you remembered he talked about what he likes, or his dreams and goals? When was the last time you remembered he cared enough to ask you questions about yourself? No? That’s normal–for a hookup.

Thre are way more signs you can look out for, but these three always stand out. Be mindful and vigilant, ladies! If you are okay with a hookup, then that’s fine. But if you are looking for a long-term bae and he’s just not into that idea, now is the time take this dating advice and make the decision!

Is he into you, or not?

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