How Grooming Yourself Can Be More Of Your Brand Than You Think

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January 10, 2016
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April 26, 2016


The trick isn’t to spend a fortune on a thousand different products, or to lock yourself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Rather, you should develop a daily routine that is quick, simple and effortless addition to your brand.

1 | Get A Hair Cut Once, Every Two Weeks 
Too many men wait for the ‘forlorn tugging of your locks’ stage before doing anything about it. Basically, ifyou’ve noticed your hair needs a cut, then other people have too.

2 | Find A Signature Scent
Aftershave isn’t supposed to be loud or obvious. You don’t want people to stop in their tracks and notice (if they do, you’ve worn too much). Rather, it should become a subtle part of your overall presence. Rather than owning 8-10 average quality bottles you pick from each morning at random, find one or two classic scents you really like and invest in them. Typically woody, spicy or herby scents suit the winter months, while lighter, citrusy scents work best in spring and summer.  ( my personal scent is Chanel De Bleu ) 


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