Go Back to Late 80’s with Bella Hadid’s Varsity Jacket Outfit

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Anyone familiar with Bella Hadid ‘s style file will instantly point to her more conspicuous, Y2K-centric features — gradientsunglasses, small shoulder pouches, and low-rise jeans — which have spanned thousands of her best looks over the years. Still, the 24-year-old model is known to innovate, andthe new look turns the clock back a few decades. Taking a few cues from the style stars of the late ‘ 80s and early ’90s, Bella Hadid ‘s varsity jacket outfit makes a good case for old-school layering, and it’s great to stay warm during the late fall months.

On Oct. 29, Hadid was spotted in Manhattan, wearing a casual outfit with an open nod to the retro era. Under her CDC-recommended face covering, Hadid wore a suede-collared varsity jacket with a striped trim (which happens to be vintage) over a navy blue v-neck sweater. She should have stopped there—but instead, she tucked a white tee beneath it all, which It-girls from Demi Moore to Meg Ryan wore in the ’80s and early ’90s. To replicate the stacked bright whites, Hadid tied them in a set of thick ankle socks, along with a pair of black, no-frill penny loafers. Together, socks (which are Diane Keaton’s long-standing favorite) and undershirts obviously signaled the era’s pattern of chunky layers and they’re happy to keep cozy for the final weeks until the winter season.

Although it’s strong and refreshing, this outfit isn’t completely new to Hadid ‘s look list. Throughout the season, the model called for a version of the cropped jacket (nylon track jackets, bombers, and so on)—always with a variety of layers underneath and, of course, Hadid ‘s favorite gold jewels. It wouldn’t be a Bella Hadid look without a slight wink to the tricks she’d invoked with her Chrome Hearts leopard hobo pack.

To replicate her decade-centric style, make sure to buy a varsity jacket like Hadid’s, like Veronica Beard’s on-sale Joanie jacket. From there, you can snatch her exact loafers (also on sale)and pair them with Comme Si’s Instagram-famous socks with a similar style.

To catch the whole set, please browse below:

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Northside Vintage Long-Sleeve Tee $16.99 | Madewell

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