Get These J.Lo Curls With Just 2 Items Used by her Hairstylist

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Before the flat iron-happy early bait made popular the act of straightening hair to oblivion, J. Lo was capable of wearing hers in blissfully bouncy curls, a visual manifestation of her Puerto Rican roots. A recent photo of the now 51-year-old is a melancholic reminder of her former glory, and to make it even better, her hairstylist just followed her up with a welcome tutorial on how to get Jennifer Lopez-style curls.

Since the singer obviously hasn’t aged in any other perceptible manner, her hair is the only symbol of the decade. Nowadays, the icon is rarely without a fresh blow, but the curls were her M.O. Before she became part of a hot tool.

Chris Appleton, her long-standing hairstylist, channeled an aesthetic of the ’90s for her new Coach Holiday shoot: infusing texture back into Lopez’s perpetually straightened lengths, evoking memories of crimpers. Do you remember the crimpers?

It turned out that no sawtooth-shaped iron was used. Shortly after the photo was uploaded, Appleton shot a nifty YouTube video inspired by the look of the singer. He begins by wetting the model’s (naturally curly) hair and saturating it in the anti-humidity Dream Coat by Color Wow (for which he is an ambassador)—”the only product I’ve found that doesn’t make the hair crisp, but it also gives great control, “he said.

Photo Credits: chrisappleton1

He twists her wet hair with his fingers, following the natural curl pattern while working in the Dream Coat. After the product is fully incorporated, it is soaked dry with a diffuser essential, he says, to control the curl continuously lifting the hair from the roots, scrunching it, and topping it with the product partway through.

When it’s 99 percent dry, Appleton is working on a couple of Color Wow Pop & Lock high-gloss shellac pumps to break the curls. “This is just going to give it a nice shine. It’s kind of nourishing, but it doesn’t weigh the hair down,” he said. The final product should be completely flicker-proof, never stiff, sticky or crunchy (some things should stay in the ’90s). His essential products to J. Lo-inspired curly hair style, ahead.

Dream Coat $28 | Color Wow

Pop & Lock $20 | Color Wow


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