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Kylie Jenner’s house is probably not the first place you go to find inspiration when you think of simple decorating ideas. And that makes sense, given the history of her selfies, her extremely minimalist, extremely costly-looking room is typically her. Anyone who keeps up with the Kardashian-Jenner clan, however, knows that the famous sisters love to decorate around a theme, and they clearly make no Halloween exception. On Sept. 30 to show off some spooky additions to her space, the youngest Jenner took to Instagram, and surprisingly, there were several simple Halloween decor ideas that you can copy in your own home.

We are in full Halloween mode at my house,” Jenner said that day in an Instagram story. The setup of all these cute little things! And while “tiny” was an underestimate for some of the decorations, such as the large displays of orange and green lights outside her home, or the life-sized mummies flanking her doors, much of the new setup of the reality star can be done with minimal time , resources, and effort, and even includes a few ideas that you might not have already considered.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Keep scrolling for five of the best (and easiest) Halloween decorating ideas she shared, ahead.

Halloween Decor Idea 1: Update Your Shelves

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

While some of the decor of Jenner’s Halloween veered over the top, this stylish shelf situation was surprisingly limited. Place a few tiny additions on some of your shelves to keep things similarly minimal in your own home. Without all the hoopla, a pretty (and on-theme) candle, a cool trinket, or a fun sign will give you the vibes you want.

Halloween Decor Idea 2: Infuse Pumpkins Into Existing Decors

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Without some pumpkins, no autumnal-themed look is complete, and Jenner knows this all too well. Take notes from the beauty mogul and invest in a cosy range, such as her felt models, and integrate them, such as on your coffee table books or your mantle, into your current décor.

Halloween Decor Idea 3: Replace Your Candle Holders

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

It’s fall, so you probably already have candles everywhere, so why not make them even more fitting for the season? Put your everyday candle holders in storage and replace them, like Jenner ‘s cute spider-inspired bits, with a spookier edition.

Halloween Decor Idea 4: Place Candy Everywhere

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

If there is ever a time for your sweet tooth to indulge, it’s October. Make it easier for yourself and any visitors you have by pouring some treats into pumpkin-shaped bowls and setting them for easy access on accent tables and kitchen counters (just make sure that the candy is packaged individually if you’re going to hang out for a while or share it).

Halloween Decor Idea 5: Spooky 3D Wall Display

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

That fantastic bar situation aside, Jenner’s spider installation is a brilliant (but still easy!) way to prep for the holiday just find some lightweight parts you can hang from the ceiling or glue to a wall. And if spiders are * too * gross for you, just swap them out with bats or an empty spider web stretched over the wall for a dramatic look that’s sure to get you in the Halloween mood.


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