Emma Roberts’ Must-Have Skincare Routine

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You may be used to seeing the facial skincare routines of athletes, but you rarely get a glimpse of the strictly reserved items for the neck down. Although lotion and soap bottles used to be less exciting than serum and toners’ glittering containers, these kinds of items are becoming as modern, creative, and chic as their counterparts directed towards the skin. Emma Roberts’ favourite skincare items have made a recent temporary appearance on her Instagram, all of which are body-focused, knowing the significance of a healthy routine.

It tends to be a blend of cream, oils, and lotions for Roberts that make up her body-care range, a great choice for a mom-to-be like herself. In a Sept. 22 Instagram story with a short photo, the actor shared this detail, tagging five of her holy-grail body-care items. “She stated none of it was an ad and posted on her story a text bubble saying,” Only stuff that works.

The products she wanted to show a little love for ranged from a luxurious $104 oil to a $20 silky lotion, totally unfiltered and unaffiliated, both of which either lead to hydration or stretch mark treatment.

Emma Roberts / Instagram

Although some of them are a bit of a splurge, the goods all hold their own and provide substantiated proof of why they should be included in the head-to toe routine of everyone. So, without further ado, the creams, oils, and butters that made the cut of the actor are ahead.

Body Oil
$104 | MUTHA

Eight different oils — like rosehip, grape seed, and jojoba — make MUTHA’s body oil a nourishing treat for dehydrated skin. Faintly smelling of citrus, the formula combats outside stressors, fights back against fine lines, and soothes angry, dry skin. Plus, its cool metallic packaging makes it a worthy addition to your aesthetically pleasing bedside table lineup.

Sili Body Lotion
$20 | Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant’s foray into body care consists of a small but mighty collection, including this lightweight body lotion. It not only gives you the moisture your body has lost, but it locks it in, too, thanks to squalane and ceramides. Also featured are bits of kakadu plum and banana pulp to infuse your skin with extra antioxidant-heavy protection from free radicals.

Stretch Mark Cream
$30 | Erbaviva

If you’re vigilant of the ingredients that are in your skincare products, you’ll find solace in the fact that Erbaviva is organic. This particular cream that Roberts uses has cocoa butter and sea buckthorn extract to help improve the appearance of stretch marks. For pregnancy, its recommended use is for the first trimester, but many reviewers covet it for the ultra moisturizing properties it has — pregnant or not.

Body Butter
$95 | MUTHA

MUTHA’s soft body butter is a harmonious blend of shea, cocoa, and mango butters with plenty of vitamins and fatty acids sprinkled in. These ingredients are why it’s heralded by fans for its ability to zip in moisture, hydrate the skin, and and lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Belly Oil
$58 | Hatch

Another oil in Roberts’ collection, this one hosts calendula, grapefruit peel, and sweet almond oil inside its bottle. Although it’s belly-forward, Hatch encourages using it wherever your skin is prone to stretch marks or is in need of a little extra moisture.

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