Emily Ratajkowski’s “Ugly” Chunky Sneakers Is Perfect For A Summer Outfit

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Dadcore ‘s work can be rough on wood. If you’re introducing your look to a retro baseball cap or a worn-out hoodie, you’ll just want to hit the right balance and throw in some personal touches along the way. Emily Ratajkowski’s sneakers outfit provides the perfect lesson in both, combining her feminine, flirty personal style with a few references to the “ugly” fashion trend. Good part? It’s all wrapped up with an all-new, limited edition shoe currently in store.

Ratajkowski headed out on New York City on July 29, sporting a few local favorites including a boisterous, button-down top from her very own swimwear line, Inamorata. The top was used in her latest mesh drop (which has been the greatest summer style for two years now), made via different silhouettes. In this look, she repurposed the streetwear shirt and wore it over a plain white bra. Ratajkowski also pointed to her Hayward sling pack, her white face mask approved by the CDC, and to cat-eyed Versace sunnies, whose tortoise shade finished the warm-tone look.

There’s where the dadcore really starts from the waist-down she picked a pair of baggy, low-rise work pants in a dark olive shade, matching them with Travis Scott ‘s new collab with Nike. The style is a take on the iconic, fashion-approved Air Max sneaker from Nike, named “Travis Scott Cactus Trails,” and it just fell out in May. The shoe was hotly debated among footwear fans but the seamless rendition of them by Ratajkowski is sure to cast aside any doubts. The style choices don’t end there she’s been wearing them lately with a pair of toasted brown jeans, a white button-up, and the same faithful sunnies proving the shoe will add plenty of flexibility to the closet of everyone.


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