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April 29, 2020
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Here’s an interesting aging trend you may or may not be aware of: Your ears begin to sprout hair! Then with that comes the unpleasant task of extracting the ear-hair. Those follicles aren’t entirely new as it turns out. They’ve been there all along but now the body’s testosterone levels cause them to sprout like never before. (The tragic irony of aging is that with testosterone by-product, dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, we actually lose the hair up top.) Oh, in trying to hide these disgusting hairs, you are not alone. Although we would gladly encourage guys to embrace their hairy selves, it is these dense,unruly ones that grow out of your nose and ears that we highly recommend to handle.

Some guys even have deep, fuzzy earlobes and if they don’t like that, they have the same curiosity: How do I zap these hairs? So let us be the first to advise you that you can never wax or shave the hairs within your ear canal, regardless of how unruly and big these hairs can be. Tweezing, all right, all right, but just the big ones that hang off your inner ear all the way. Never add a tweezer to your own ear canal or something. Never. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Ever. Ditto for wax hot or something sharp. Even if you want to remove the fuzz around your ear itself, we will also implore you to stay away from the sharp razors even hot wax. If you insist, you may be able to visit a doctor for a gentle, successful wax removal session, or speak to your dermatologist about doctor laser removal if that’s completely dire.But your ears are delicate things and we’re talking about this pretty vain stuff. While we are here for the cycle with you, we do not suggest something that is high-risk.

However, there is one simple tool which can handle any of the tasks. You can find it available from different brands and it extracts hair and hair from the ears and nose, and also snips hair from the eyebrows with ease and efficiency. Best of all, these tools are absolutely secure to put into your ears or nose channels, since their blades come sheathed behind a small metal thimble. This outer shell protects the blades from the surface of your skin, so under that point nothing gets trimmed. They barely snip enough to keep out of sight errant ear hairs (and hairs in the nose). Nevertheless, as for the nose hairs, just don’t go nuts clipping them back because they’re there for a reason: they’re keeping you from getting a runny nose, and you’ll find your nose running a little more if you bring too far into your nostrils. (Don’t Please.)

You can run this little snipper over your face to snip on single whiskers or uncomfortable stray eyebrows. The same applies to thick outer-ear hairs that you just want to shave down to an imperceptible amount, without worrying about slicing your ear open or leaking wax through your ear canal. Some even have an attachment for trimming eyebrows absolutely to a standard, perfect style, as you’ll see below.

Here, then, are our four favorite ear-hair trimmers all trimming much more than just your mischievous older-year hairs. It’s an understated and relatively inexpensive tool that you’re going to use even more frequently than you ever thought.

Panasonic ear, nose, eyebrow, and facial hair trimmer

Amazon $40

This is the gold standard for cutting ear-hairs. A battery-powered, wet-dry shaver with hypoallergenic blades and vacuum-suction recovery (for quick cleaning). It efficiently and reliably zaps and spot-checks the hairs.

ConairMAN ear and nose trimmer

Amazon $20

Because of its wider head this battery-powered trimmer allows for more contouring and full-angle snipping.

Wahl ear, nose, and eyebrow trimmer

Amazon $9

Another battery-operated select, this one with interchangeable heads for quick in-channel trimming, eyebrow evening and detailing of the facial hair.

Philips Norelco ear, nose, eyebrow, neck, and sideburn trimmer

Amazon $18

Philips Norelco’s battery-powered system has interchangeable heads and guards for hair trimming of all kinds even sideburns, neckbeard, and hair from the rear neck.

Remington ear, nose, and eyebrow trimmer


The double-sided blades of Remington allow for even quicker trimming, and the battery-powered system is waterproof so you can integrate a weekly nose-and-ear trim into your grooming scheme.


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