Coming Out With My Truth And The Disease I Live With.

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Dear Supporters,

I write this letter to you for many reasons, I have received your emails about why I haven’t updated my blog lately, but it isn’t that I have given up on it or you.  About 3 1/2 months ago before heading out of the country for my #GlowUpTour of fashion and creative directing filled projects throughout Europe I was diagnosed with Lupus, I felt like my life ended, my talent, my passion all came to a hault.

Original Image By | Christie Rachelle

Original Image By | Christie Rachelle


I battled with severe depression and doubt, not knowing what was next; going through dizzy spells,  hair loss, skin break outs, consistent tiredness, blurry vision it made me think that I need to retire my dream and passion. Many people don’t know about Lupus – it is a widespread and chronic autoimmune disease that, for unknown reasons, causes your immune system to attack the body’s own connective tissues and organs, including joints (rheumatoid arthritis), kidneys (called lupus nephritis), heart, lungs, brain, blood, and skin (called cutaneous lupus).


I shortly realized that the education on Lupus is very narrow, especially for men, because only  10% of men are effected by it.  I decided to take the small platform I have and try to educate people about it as well as learn more for myself. I sought out to change the way the health care community, pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, the general public and those living with lupus understand the disease its diagnosis and its treatment; with my accessory Line I plan to raise 1 Million dollars by 2018, I will donate 25% of profits from each product sale to the “Lupus Foundation Of America”.   I want those living with lupus to know that they are not alone, I am here to support them and I am dedicated to making a difference. I  want my efforts to help those affected by lupus to know they are well supported and understood. My accessory line wants to improve outreach, education, marketing and advocacy strategies that are designed to assist people with lupus and seek and receive early diagnosis and treatment.



What Is Lupus?
Fast Facts: An Easy-to-Read Series of Publications for the Public

What Is Lupus?

The immune system is designed to attack foreign substances in the body. If you have lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system and it attacks healthy cells and tissues. This can damage many parts of the body such as the:

  • Joints
  • Skin
  • Kidneys
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Blood vessels
  • Brain.

There are many kinds of lupus. The most common type, systemic lupus erythematosus, affects many parts of the body. Other types of lupus are:

  • Discoid lupus erythematosus—causes a skin rash that doesn’t go away
  • Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus—causes skin sores on parts of the body exposed to sun
  • Drug-induced lupus—can be caused by medications
  • Neonatal lupus—a rare type of lupus that affects newborns.

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