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May 8, 2014
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Urban Vacay!
December 22, 2014
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In 1896 Georges Vuitton, son of Louis Vuitton, launched the Monogram in honor of his father. The Monogram became an icon in the fashion world and the bearer of an idea of innovation and avant-garde. Celebrating Monogram is the project created by Maison Vuitton to pay homage to the traditional link between Monogram and peculiar productions, considering the collaboration with Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse.


The project considers the participation of six big talents in different universes: fashion, art, architecture and design. The six great iconoclasts have created an authentic collection adapting the monogram to their creations in a brilliant way. The capsule collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld can’t be unnoticed with unique pieces addressed to an exclusive target. Lagerfeld has unexpectedly decided to explore the universe of box. He has sketched everything by hand and he has declared that he has chosen box because of the increasing number of fans, men and women, of this sport. The diamond point of this collection is the boxing trunk in monogram within a punching bag and a stand created on purpose to take-out the punching bag and to use the trunk as a cabinet of the locker room. The punching trunk is produced in a limited edition of 25 pieces. The punching bag’s shape is also applied for the bag, in three different formats. The bag is in supple aged cowhide leather trim and it has double golden-bras chain handles. It is perfect for the comfort of the daily city routine. Lagerfeld doesn’t let anything escape and he completes the collection with the punching suitcase, a bag within a pair of boxing gloves in leather-trimmed monogram canvas and a training mat. This bag can be considered an excellent travelling bag. Enthusiasts of box and refined extravagances it’s time to put on gloves and get in the ring if you don’t want to knock yourself out!

Celebrating Monogram: Karl Lagerfeld per Vuitton

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