Bleeding Doesn't Stop When You're in Water, and 5 Other Period Myths Debunked

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Though durations are one thing that half of the inhabitants has to undergo each month, some myths surrounding menstruation are proving to be very arduous to shake. So so as to debunk the most important interval legends as soon as and for all, we reached out to Sara Matthews, advisor gynecologist on the Portland Hospital for Ladies and Youngsters. Hold studying to see what she needed to say, and take a look at how your interval might be affecting your psychological well being.

Does Your Interval Cease When You Are in Water?

In response to Dr. Matthews, going swimming or taking a shower will not cease your interval, however there is perhaps much less bleeding if the water is chilly (or should you go scuba diving, because the strain will scale back your blood move till you come again to the floor). “Nevertheless, I would not take the danger on the pool or seashore of not utilizing a tampon or menstrual cup,” she explains, “as it’s kind of unpredictable, and you do not need to be caught brief!” It is also value noting that swimming or taking a scorching tub might provide help to ease cramps and backache throughout your interval.

Does Your Interval Cease When You Sleep?

“Because the physique relaxes right into a deep sleep, your muscle tissue launch rigidity and your coronary heart price slows, which signifies that much less blood is launched by the uterus,” explains Dr. Matthews. However that is not all: “Gravity performs an enormous half too,” she says. “As you sleep horizontally, the blood swimming pools inside; so watch out if you leap away from bed within the morning, as a result of it’s going to all rush out and you possibly can be caught out for those who determined to sleep and not using a pad, a tampon, or a menstrual cup.”

When you’ve got heavy durations and discover that you must rise up in the course of the night time to vary your sanitary product, Dr. Matthews recommends you speak to your physician, as you possibly can be anemic. If it is the case, you might be prescribed medicine to scale back the bleeding, in addition to a remedy to type out your iron ranges.

Does Your Interval Grow to be Heavier on a Aircraft?

As Dr. Matthews explains, there are combined opinions on this topic: “Air hostesses say that the bleeding decreases up within the air, solely to extend if you come down because of the change in strain. Nevertheless, I’ve additionally heard tales of women having terrible accidents with their durations on planes. My recommendation can be to all the time be nicely ready and to not depart going to the toilet to the final minute as you possibly can get caught at row 28 in a horrible queue being a bit determined.”

Should you repeatedly journey and need to take lengthy-haul flights, you may also have observed that your durations could be fairly irregular: “This occurs as a result of the hormone pulses from the mind that management your cycle can get confused crossing time zones, so do not be too stunned in case your interval comes early or late after an extended-haul flight,” she explains.

Does Your Interval Cease When You Have Intercourse?

No, it does not — however that should not cease you from having intercourse if you wish to! Positive, there’s so much to consider when it comes to logistics (in any case, there is blood concerned, and it might get just a little messy), however it’s completely doable and in addition completely regular to really feel sexy if you’re menstruating. That stated, as Dr. Matthews factors out, “there might be an elevated danger of passing on viral STIs like hepatitis and HIV,” so you ought to be much more cautious and use safety.

Does Your Interval Cease When You Drink Alcohol?

“Alcohol has no impact in your blood movement, nevertheless it may ease cramps throughout your interval,” explains Dr. Matthews. That stated, she doesn’t advocate consuming to ease your cramps. Over time, not solely might it’s dangerous in your common well being, nevertheless it might additionally decrease your estrogen ranges, which might cease you from having youngsters. Every little thing is sweet sparsely, and a heat tub or a scorching water bottle ought to be simply as environment friendly, if no more.

Do You Actually Develop into Clumsier When You Are on Your Interval?

As soon as once more, not everybody agrees on this topic, however the common consensus is that it isn’t unusual for ladies to really feel particularly fatigued throughout their durations. In response to Dr. Matthews, “Heavy durations related to anaemia, nasty cramps, or migraines can knock anybody a bit sideways, and concentrating may be troublesome. Some ladies additionally are likely to faint extra simply throughout their durations, and the premenstrual part could be a bit extra rocky as fluid retention, bloating, nervousness, and irritability can undoubtedly have an effect on these tiresome on a regular basis chores. A day by day magnesium complement, warding off the sugar within the week earlier than your interval, and getting down the fitness center could make a tremendous distinction.”