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April 30, 2020
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Anyone else really annoyed by their hairstyle in quarantine? You can only do so many ponytails and buns before it all starts looking the same. But, if you didn’t think you could adjust your hair anymore than you already have, these celebrity messy bun ideas could give your new updo a run for their money.Buns are fantastic but for some reason, quarantine has made hairstyles feel much quicker literally scratching that quarantine has made hair look dull in general. A star or relative (or maybe even you) has taken to cutting and painting their own hair everywhere you look. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep things fresh without turning to dye or scissors, even though your bun has already been twisted in a million different ways.

There have been a few ideas surfacing on Instagram lately that are super easy to copy around in terms of ways to change things. There’s infinite possibilities and there’s nothing like a little celebrity inspiration to help stimulate your imagination.
Ahead, are messy bun looks that will help spice up your hairstyle in quarantine.

The Voluminous Messy Bun by Chrissy Teigen

Source: @chrissyteigen

Instead of wrapping it around the base of the hair band, Teigen pulled halfway through her hair to create this thick messy bun. It’s an extremely easy tweak to a daily bun that will help make a lazy-day hairstyle look a lot more enjoyable.

A Classic Low Bun by Kourtney Kardashian

Source: @kourtneykardash

 Maybe your hair burnout is triggered by you spending * too * a lot of time in and out switching styles. Kardashian’s description of this classic bun reveals just how timeless it is. And it’s not only easy but it looks cool and also gives you and your hair a break.

Wispy Messy Bun by Camila Cabello

Source: @camila_cabello

It’s amazing how quickly pulling out a couple of strands from around your head makes a messy bun 10 times cuter. No one can be sure of the exact science, but when you do a simple bun next time, pick out some face-framing bits like Cabello did here and you’ll see how revolutionary it is.

Hailey Baldwin’s Messy Bun Sweatband

Source: @haileybieber

If the queen of buns wears one, this would possibly mean that sweatbands are back * and * are now considered trendy, which is very exciting. Baldwin’s hair was pulled back and up straight, and then topped off with a Nike band. It is like looking at a street style, except for your home.

Silky Curls Bun by Mariah Carey

Source: @mariahcarey

The beautiful curls of Carey demonstrate just how faultlessly perfect a messy bun can look without any agonizing effort. Run a bit of bright spray or oil through your hair and throw it into a fast chignon the trick for a flawless messy bun is based on making it look not flawless.


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