Bella Hadid’s Sweatshirt Outfit Overthrows The Micro Bag Fashion

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There are a few things you should learn for newcomers to Bella Hadid ‘s style file mainly that she knows no boundaries. Over the years of walking runways and magazines, Hadid has acquired an eclectic mix of fashion items, ranging from classic varsity jackets and men’s clothes pants to small shoulder bags and crop tops. A Hadid look can be sporty; it can be girly; it can be anything, really and the new one proves it, reconciling all of its sensibilities into one. Behold: Bella Hadid’s sweatshirt ensemble, which draws main players out of every corner of her arsenal for a relaxed and polished look.

On Nov. 2, the model was spotted in Manhattan, sporting a look that combined budget-friendly clothes with luxury designer accessories. It all started with a baseball hat, a face mask, and a pigtail braids, which brought a girly touch to a gender-neutral look. From there, Hadid put a white collar shirt under a blue, oversized crew neck. The $60 Chip Chrome sweatshirt brought a casual twist to the school’s uniform-worthy combo, which first crossed into pop fashion in the ’90s. From there, Hadid went for a pair of cropped bootcut jeans in faded black, ideally showing off her Prada pencil loafers and ankle socks. As for toting, Hadid utterly subverted the theme of the micro-pack, two times with Chanel’s quilted leather shoulder bag, as well as the Keepall leather canvas of Louis Vuitton.

Combining cool, casual elements with luxury designer pieces, the look ideally nails Hadid ‘s quirky-chic aesthetic. To make the bargain sweeter, the outfit recipe is smart shopper-approved, too. Pairing high-end accessories with inexpensive garments is a favorite game among fashion insiders, since shoes and handbags can be rotated on a regular basis so their cost-per-wear is inherently smaller than, say, the typical designer blouse or skirt. That said, Hadid’s ensemble is ready for re-creation and, as luck will have it, several of her pieces are currently in store.

Shop her crew neck, loafers, and Louis Vuitton tote below, as well as many other items to help complete her look:

Stitch Baseball $45 | Kangol

Milan-7 face mask $8.75 | Evolve Together

Mic Swing Crewneck $60 | Chip Chrome

Ribbed Sweater Polo $55 | Banana Republic

Keepall LV2 Ebene Damier Print Bandouliere Limited Edition Brown Coated Canvas Shoulder Bag $6,592.80 | Louis Vuitton

Le Crop Mini Boot Sanded Seam Brisbane Sand $132 | Frame

Calfskin Quilted Large Cambon Tote Black $1,650 | Chanel

Logo Plaque Chunky Heel Loafers $850 | Prada


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